• Chemistry

    Chemistry is a physical science that studies the properties, structure, and composition of matter, as well as any changes to matter.  During this course, students will study matter, atoms, elements, chemical bonds, the mole, chemical reactions, solutions, acids/bases, stoichiometry, thermal energy, and kinetics.  Through the textbook, group work, lectures, mathematics, labs, and various other activities, students will explore the world of chemistry.  Chemistry does have a Guilford County final exam and will count for the physical science credit for a student's high school diploma. 


    Earth/Environmental Science

    Earth/Environmental Science is a required course for a high school diploma in Guilford County.  It is a diverse course that encompasses:  astronomy, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, the rock cycle, weather, soil formation, the water cycle, groundwater, oceanography, Earth's atmosphere, meteorology, climate, the biosphere, and mankind's impact on the environment.  This is a vocabulary heavy course.  Through the textbook, group work, labs, and various other activities, students will learn a lot about the planet we all call "home."  Earth/Environmental Science does have a Guilford County Final exam.


    Human Anatomy and Physiology  

    Human Anatomy and Physiology falls under the umbrella of biological science.  It is the study of the human body's systems.  It includes the respiratory system, nervous system, integumentary system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, etc.  This is a required course to complete the Weaver Academy Dance PVA.  It is an elective couse for all other students.  The pre-requistes include chemistry.  This course has a teacher-made exam.