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    Apex Tutorials are a supplemental online curriculum for grades 6-12, where students can close learning gaps,  increase mastery and accelerate learning. Students choose how they master content  and practice skills according to how they learn best.  A variety of short, focused activities provide opportunities  for students to interact with concepts that deepen understanding and review foundational concepts.


    • Learn It - interactive exercises and real-life examples
    • Try It - check understanding and build confidence
    • Review It - watch a short instructional video
    • Test It - evaluate mastery of module objectives
  • How to Request Tutorials

    We have a limited number of Tutorial licenses purchased by the district, to be used to support structured remediation, intervention, enhancement, and tutorial programs at the middle and high school levels. Because of this, we ask that a specific number of licenses and  timeframe be selected on the form.

    Click Here to view Tutorial course offerings.

    Principals, please fill out this form to request Apex Tutorial licenses.

Contact Us

  • 501 W. Washington St.
    Greensboro, NC 27401 

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    Janiese Mckenzie, Director Blended Learning
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 1 

    Richard McGoogan, Lead Teacher Blended Learning 6-12 
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 2

    Shannon Franklin, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Support  
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 5

    Lisa Keith, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Support  
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 3

    Jessica Lamberth, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Support  
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 8

    Amy Morris, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Support  
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 7

    Alan Schubert, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Support  
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 4

    Dianne Woods, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Support
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 6