Sail to Success in 2022-2023

  • Discipline Policy

     Art, Computer, Media, Music and PE follow our school-wide rules and expectations.

    School-Wide Rules

    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.
    • Use kind and polite words (“put-ups”) when talking to others.
    • Follow adults’ directions first time given.
    • Include all peers in conversations and play.
    • Use appropriate space.
    • Take ownership of my decisions.
    • Keep the school campus clean

    At the end of each enrichment class (Media, Art, Computer, PE and Music), the specialist teacher will choose 2 students, who have exemplified SAIL, to receive a SAIL award.

             Showing Self-Control

            Accepting Responsibility

            Improving Flexibility

            Learning to Show Honor and Respect

    After a student earns 3 SAIL awards in one special, he/she will be awarded a special prize in that enrichment.

    Consequences for not following school rules during specials include:

    1st Offense – Warning to student

    2nd Offense – Two-minute Thinking Time

    3rd Offense - The student may be asked to complete a "Think Sheet" that will be sent home for a parent to review with their child, sign and return.