You are to be seated and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

    You will follow all classroom rules and procedures. 

     Announcements, the day's subject matter, and a link to the day's assignment (worksheet) will all be posted on the Canvas weekly planner page. 

    No  assignments will be completed online. All assignments will be completed in class, are due and are to be turned in by the end of class each day.

    If you are absent, YOU are responsible for all work missed : notes, labs, tests, etc. The number of days you have to turn in  missed work is equal to 2 plus the number of days you were absent. If you are absent 2 days, you have 4 days (2+2) after returning to class to turn in missed assignments.

    A link to all assignments will be on Canvas. You are encouraged to complete all the daily work while absent, and you must turn it in NLT the due date as specified in the make up work policy. 

    Assignments not turned on time will receive a maximum score of 50%

    Make up tests / quizzes will be taken before school or after school. The number of days you have to make up missed quizzes will follow the make up work policy. Any quiz not made up by the due date will get a grade of ZERO.