Helpful Resources for Creators/Approvers

  • Roles in the Performance Matters Professional Learning Platform

    • Creators - are designated at the school or office level and are responsible for submitting courses and sections for review.  The Creator could also be the person who would facilitate the professional learning, manage rosters, and award credits.  To be designated as a Creator your supervisor would need to submit your name to the Office of Professional Learning to have your permissions modified.  Your permissions will not be modified until you attend a training session for course creation.
    • Approvers - professional learning courses will go through a two-level approval process.  The GCS Rubric for Measuring Quality Professional Learning should guide the Approver through the process of course submission.
      • Approver 1 is at the school or department and will receive notification when a course is submitted for approval.  This role is usually supported by the principal or an assistant principal at the school level and an executive director or director in a department.  
      • Approver 2 is in the Office of Professional Learning and will review courses after they have been reviewed by the first Approver.  

    Resources for Creators 

    Standards for Alignment

    Performance Matters allows the ability to align your courses to evaluation standards.  The following evaluation standards have been preloaded into the platform for your use:

    • NC Professional Teaching Standards
    • Standards for NC Principals and Assistant Principals
    • NC Standards for School Counselors

    Please identify the appropriate standards that your course will align to when you propose a course.  Identifying the aligned standards will allow educators to search for sessions by standard and for you to access reporting features that demonstrate alignment.

    Standards for Professional Learning

    The Standards for Professional Learning were endorsed by the NC State Board of Education in October 2011.  Guilford County Schools professional learning development should be guided by the principals of the Standards for Professional Learning.  The standards can be access on the Learning Forward website along with additional support materials for professional learning.


    Professional Learning Policies

    • Credit cannot be awarded to participants for leadership committee meetings, accreditation committees, project teams, field trips, or for facilitating a training/workshop.
    • Workshops must meet the following criteria:
      • CEUs are awarded based on the number of hours of training:
        • five hours = .5 CEUs
        • six hours = .6 CEUs
        • ten hours = 1.0 CEUs, etc.
      • Training must be a minimum of 3 clock hours of direct instruction to receive CEUs.
      • CEUs are granted for no more than 6 hours of staff development per day.
      • CEUs are granted for no more than 10 hours of staff development per day during a virtual conference.
      • for each 6 hours in a course, only one (1) of the 6 hours can be an outside assignment; for each 3 hours in a course, only 30 minutes of the 3 hours can be an outside assignment.

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