• Interested in Very Strong (VS) Services:

    The VS program is the district’s self-contained, full-time AG service for highly gifted students.  VS services are available in grades 4 – 8 and are offered only at The Academy at Lincoln. To receive VS services, the student must meet the following criteria: 


    VS Eligibility Chart

    · Aptitude:  97th percentile or greater

    · Math Achievement:  97th percentile or greater

    · Reading Achievement:  97th percentile or greater

    ·                   Science and Social Studies Achievement:                                   Separate achievement scores or a composite score of 95th percentile or greater

    · Grades:  “A” average in all four core subjects (Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies)


    If you are interested in Very Strong (VS) services at The Academy at Lincoln for your child, complete the Prospective Student Information Form and be prepared to work with your child’s current school to submit the appropriate documents supporting the need for VS consideration. In order to view the procedures that will be followed for all requests from non-Guilford County School students for VS consideration, please Click here. 

    It should be noted that for enrolled GCS students, VS eligibility is reviewed annually upon receipt of End-of-Grade (EOG) data. If you have questions regarding VS services, please contact Dr. Dee Jordan, AG Supervisor, at (336) 370-8322 or @ jordand@gcsnc.com.                    


    Considerations for Private Testing:

    Families may pursue individualized aptitude or achievement testing through a private contract with a licensed psychologist authorized to administer such tests. Parents who elect to pursue evaluation through the services of a private source knowingly do so at their own personal expense. A private test score may be submitted only once. In keeping with the same guidelines used for students who are currently enrolled in Guilford County Schools (GCS), a private test score may be submitted for only ONE criterion: 

    • Aptitude/Intelligence
    • Reading comprehension achievement 
    • Math reasoning/problem-solving achievement 
    • Science achievement 
    • Social Studies Achievement 


    Note: If the student's current school is unable to provide achievement and/or aptitude test data; the parent will be required to obtain ONE private test in the area of their choosing.

    Special Notice for 2021 – 2022 School Year:  Please review this document to determine the allowed use of private testing.