• If you are not an employee of Guilford County Schools or you are a contract employee, you can still access our professional learning by signing up for a GUEST ACCOUNT.

    GUEST ACCOUNT CREATION & LOG IN.  Once an account is created, you will come back to this link to log in. 

    • Make sure to use your legal name when filling out the required fields. 
    • do NOT use a GCS email when creating a guest account.

    Please keep in mind the following:

    • Substitutes, tutors, retired personnel, and non-GCS employees may register for courses if space is available, but available seats will be given to full-time GCS employees first. 
    • Some courses are designed specifically for GCS personnel; therefore, they are not open to non-GCS employees.
    • Online Courses:
      • GCS online courses hosted in Canvas are not available to non-GCS employees.

    Individuals not currently employed in a public school unit should maintain their own records of renewal credit until it is time to renew their professional educator's licenses.  At the time of renewal, April 15th through June 30th of the year that a license expires, such credits should be submitted to the Licensure Section for renewal through the NCDPI Online Licensure System.  Renewal requirements are subject to change based on NC State Board of Education policy updates.