• 4th Grade Autodesk: TinkerCAD Introduction

    Introduction Video

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    Welcome to TinkerCAD

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    I Can: 

    • Login to TinkerCAD
    • Navigate Design Screen
    • Be able to Define a Workplane


    1. How to Login

    • See above for class link. 
    • Nickname: First Name and Last Initial Example - johns
    • Click Create new design

    2. Take a minute to explore your design screen. 

    3. Navigate Design Screen 

    • Toolbox
      • Workplane
      • See Through and color shapes
    • Selected Toolbox(Editing an Object)
      • Lock Editing
      • Changing Color 
      • Hide Selected 
      • Fine Tune
      • Changing Object Dimensions

    4. Work Plane: is a 2-Dimensional object that is the foundation for your work. 

    • This is where you build, in TinkerCAD you can change your workplane to build off of different objects. 
    • One small square is a 1cm.

    5. Free Design 

    • We will continue to learn more about how to use TinkerCAD in the coming weeks.
    • For now, take this time to get creative that can be built in the real world.
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    Graham - JTPSQJ

    Chaplin - VLDKHD