2023 Information and Forms:

    2023 Science Olympiad “paperwork” links – resources on Remind and Ms Haywood’s SO page


    Competition is on Feb 25th at UNCG – our time slots have shifted but events are the same! Please pick up your new schedule (including specific building event times) at the SO meeting in Dr. S room (431)

    To do list:

    1. Pick up new time sheet at SO meeting


    1. Complete the online consent form:   here is a link to the NWHS  consent forms – these are required to be completed ASAP



    1. At the next SO meeting, physically sign the behavior form (this is on paper, not electronic)



    32 students on the NWHS Science Olympiad team, recently competed in 23 STEM events against over 30 other teams over two weekends.

    Congratulations to the following students who medaled at the competition:

    Smith Brown, Hannah Byon, Grace Corkhill, Garret Eichlin, Alexander Guitierrez, Chloe Haywood, Ryan Huang, Wei Jiang, Judy Kim, Suchetana Kona, Will Lovejoy, Milana Nostrand, Sanjana Prabhakar, Ethan Shearer, Chibuikem Ukaegbe and Aliha Younus.


    Specific Events:


    1st place Fast Facts: Smith Brown and Milana Nostrand

    3rd place Cell Biology: Garret Eichlin and Will Lovejoy

    3rd place Environmental Chemistry: Chloe Haywood and Garret Eichlin

    3rd place Green Generation: Hannah Byon and Aliha Younus

    4th place Mystery Architecture: Smith Brown and Suchetana Kona

    5th place Chem lab: Ryan Huang and Wei Jiang

    5th place Remote Sensing: Ryan Huang and Aliha Younus

    6th place Write it, Do it: Judy Kim and Chibuikem Ukaegbe

    6th place Wright stuff: Chloe Haywood and Ryan Huang

    6th place Trajectory: Garret Eichlin and Smith Brown


    1st place Wright Stuff: Grace Corkhill and Alex Guitierrez

    3rd place Rocks and Minerals: Sanjana Prabhakar and Ethan Shearer




    SO team SO 2021


    2021-22 updates:  SO competition will be in person this year (February 26, 2022 at UNCG) 

    Club meetings will occur weekly during flex lunch - Wed in room 437 (& 431)

    Check out our table at club rush (second week of school!)

    Join the  SO remind for 2021-22



    Science Olympiad updates:

    NWHS Varsity and JV did a great job – winning medals in 19 events; these students participated in the virtual competition over 2 different Saturdays.  Caroline Howard and Matthew Oh placed first in chem lab at the regional competition and 10th in the state finals. Please congratulate all of these students on their achievements!


    Medal winners at the 2021 regional Science Olympiad:


    Kimberly Brown, Hannah Byon, Rachel Clanton, Annabelle Craig, Grayson Davis, Enes Eroglu, Grace Fei, Mason Fuller, Isabella Haulter, Jason Huang, Chloe Haywood, Caroline Howard, Wei Jiang, David Kim, Judy Kim, Matthew Oh, Monica Rashkov, Bryan Park, Hishi Ulak, Ashley Vega, Maysi Yong and Adan Younus.


    Specific placements:

    1st Chem lab (V) and 10th in State competition!

    Caroline Howard and Matthew Oh

    2nd Protein Modeling (V) Kimberly Brown and David Kim

    2nd Astronomy (JV) Annabelle Craig, Mason Fuller

    2nd Geologic Mapping (JV) Grayson Davis and Mason Fuller

    3rd Dynamic Planet (JV) Grayson Davis and Grace Fei

    3rd Fast Facts (JV) Mason Fuller

    3rd Circuit lab (JV) Wei Jiang

    3rd Sounds of Music (JV) Rachel Clanton and Mason Fuller

    4th Anatomy & Physiology (JV) Judy Kim and Ashley Vega

    4th Codebusters (JV) Grayson Davis and Grace Fei

    4th Fermi Questions (V) Kimberly Brown and Chloe Haywood

    4th Forensics (JV) Rachel Clanton and Isabella Haulter

    4th Protein Modeling (JV) Mason Fuller

    5th Fossils (V) Kimberly Brown and Chloe Haywood

    5th Picture This (JV) Hannah Byon and Isabella Haulter

    5th Disease Detective (JV) Judy Kim and Monica Rashkov

    6th Fast Facts (V) Jason Huang and Adan Younus

    6th Ornithology (V) Bryan Park and Enes Eroglu

    6th Water Quality (V) Maysi Yong and Hishi Ulak





    informational powerpoint: intro to Science Olympiad



    link to NC event platforms: event summary

    link to 20-21 rule book: SO rule book

    Coming soon the new events and rule book for this year!


    Science Olympiad 2020 regional

    1st place: Sounds of Music (JV)  Caroline Howard & David Kim

    1st place: Anatomy & Physiology (JV) Judy Kim & Jessica Lim

    2nd place: Machines  (V) Kimberly Brown & Jonathan Mayes

    2nd place: Sounds of Music (V) Emma Jia & Blake Sullivan

    2nd place: Circuit lab (V) Hua Jiang & Blake Sullivan

    2nd place: Write it, Do it (JV) Nakyung Oh & Maysi Yong

    2nd place Astronomy (JV) Oash Baniya & Jacob England

    2nd place: Experimental Design (JV) Caroline Howard & Payton Reyes

    3rd place: Geologic mapping (JV) Chloe Haywood & Bryan Park

    3rd place: Gravity Vehicle (JV) Kayla Barrios & Harper Brady

    3rd place: Wright Stuff (V) Ysantis McKenzie & Teresa Pan

    4th place: Disease Detective (V) Alex Hall & Hishi Ulak

    5th place: Chem lab (V) Kenzie Major & Matthew Oh

    5th place: Ornithology Amy Kim & Teresa Pan

    5th place: Experimental Design: Christy Ma & Matthew Oh

    Overall placement: fifth



Science Olympiad Teams-PDF