• Career and College Promise offers North Carolina high school students the chance to earn college credits at a community college campus. The program is tuition-free for high school juniors and seniors (semester fees will be due). You must have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.8 or higher or passing test scores.

    Students can earn:

    ·         College credit transferable to all UNC System Institutions and many of NC’s Independent Colleges and Universities

    ·         A credential, certificate or diploma in a technical career

    Important Dates:

    Summer 2021 Semester:

    ·         March 15, 2022:  Priority Deadline for Early Registration

    ·         March 16, 2022: Deadline to submit new applications

    ·         June 1, 2022: First Day of 8 week summer classes

    ·         July 27, 2022: Last day of classes

    Fall 2021 Semester:

    ·         March 15, 2022:  Priority Deadline for Early Registration

    ·         July 15, 2022: Deadline to submit new applications

    New Student Admissions Meetings

    Admissions Sessions are required for all new students. Because of COVID-19, the recorded Admissions Session below replaces the required Admissions Meeting.  Please submit a completed application packet with all signatures after viewing the Admissions Session.

    The Admissions Session includes information on the following:

    ·         General Program Information

    ·         Curriculum Pathways

    ·         How to navigate the website to search for classes

    ·         How to register for classes

    ·         Q & A

    It is important that you and your student watch the entire recording.


    Once you and your parent have viewed the Admissions Session:

    1.    Determine your Career and College Promise Pathway – Write the Pathway name and Code on your Verification Form.  Please refer to the Dual Credit Allowances Document for information on how the high school credits dual courses. 
    There are two types of Career and College Promise Pathways:

    o    College Transfer Pathways  – GTCC offers seven different college transfer pathways

    o    Career/Technical Education Pathways – GTCC offers numerous certificate and diploma programs.

    Use the links below to learn more Pathway options.

    CCP Pathway Info

    2.    Complete the Application Packet (forms are attached). (Signatures may be obtained by email.)

    The Application Packet includes:

    • GTCC Application for Admission 
      Online Application Link: 


      You will need to create an account on CFNC.org.

    • Verification of Student Eligibility Form – Please make sure that you have all signatures required and that you have included the pathway.
    • Attendance Policy Form

    • Consent to Release Form - to be completed by the student

    • General Medial Release Form 

    • Year-End High School Transcript – Please send a copy of your latest transcript with the admissions packet. If you attend a public high school, you may request this through cfnc.org.  Please provide your High School ID # on the Verification Form. If your transcript is in a sealed envelope, you may open it and scan it. Home School Transcripts - courses must be listed by grade level, signed and dated by principal and include a cumulative unweighted GPA. 

    • Copy of Home School State Registration (if applicable)

    3.    Scan your application packet and email the documents as attachments using the attach button to ccp@gtcc.edu. Do not copy and paste the documents into the body of the email.

    Once you have submitted your application packet:

    o    Please be checking the email listed on your application. If something is missing, you will be notified.  After the application is processed, the applicant will receive an email with Titan Account Activation Instructions.

    o    After activating your Titan account, please log into your GTCC Titan Email and check it frequently.  You will receive registration instructions after your application is processed.

    o    Once you have registered for classes, you will be sent an email with instructions for our mandatory online CCP Orientation.

    Please keep in mind that the purpose of CCP is for eligible high school students to earn college credits towards a college degree, diploma, or certificate. Dual credit for high school graduation requirements is a bonus, but should not be what drives course selection. Courses in the CCP transfer pathways should be selected based on the published bachelor degree plan for the major at the university the student intends to transfer to after high school.