Potential Hearing Outcomes

  • It may be determined that the student’s actions do not warrant a long term suspension and the student shall be returned to school immediately and with no further action.

    It may be determined that the student’s actions warrant a long term suspension. A long term suspension is any amount of suspension time exceeding 10 days. It could be an additional day or as much as an entire school year. If the violation occurs in the final quarter of a school year, the suspension could potentially carry over to the end of the first semester of the following school year.

    It may be determined that the student’s actions warrant a long term suspension, however, mitigating circumstances may allow for alternative disciplinary action:

    The student may be reassigned to the GCS alternative school program, the School and Community Alternative Learning Environment (“SCALE”). This is an opportunity for students who have committed a serious violation to continue their education and earn credit while also receiving counseling and support from an outstanding and dedicated staff.

    The student may be returned to school on a Behavior Contract. Students who abide by the contract remain at their home schools for the remainder of the school year. Students who violate the contract may have their long term suspensions reinstated or may have to attend SCALE. Terms of a Behavior Contract vary and can include provisions such as alcohol and drug education, random searches, or even a simple commitment on the student’s part to be courteous to staff and fellow students.