Design Department

  • The Design Department is responsible for the development, implementation and on-going administration of the school district’s design services. The team reviews construction documents submitted by design consultants to ensure they comply with the district and other applicable standards. The team consists of certified professionals who provide technical information and guidance to school authorities, consultants and contractors concerning standards and design guidelines for new construction and repair or renovation of schools. The team also provides technical assistance for the installation and repair of plumbing, mechanical, electrical and building systems.

    The design team develops and maintains consistent, district-wide standards and specifications for facilities and maintains the database and master filing system for those standards and specifications. Additionally, the team manages a functional close-out and archiving system for all projects. The design department works with officials to determine the appropriate level of compliance with code requirements for facilities projects, serves as liaison between government agencies and GCS, and completes facility standards and specification assessments and updates.

    Members of the design team evaluate projects and make recommendations for scheduling based on compliance with mandated codes and safety regulations. They also actively participate in and complete plan reviews, discipline-specific peer reviews and other essential reviews and respond in a timely manner to avoid impacting the project schedule.