Driver's Education

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    Guilford County Schools provides drivers education through the North Carolina Driving School. For more information, visit the North Carolina Driving School website.

    Minimum Class Requirements

    • Student must be at least 14 1/2 years of age on the day the class begins. (Currently limited to students 15 years of age or older.)
    • Student must be enrolled and attending a public, private, charter, or home school in Guilford County.
    • Cannot have previously taken the NC Drivers Education class.

    Upon successful completion of the driver's education course, both classroom and behind the wheel, the student will be issued a completion certificate, which will be required when applying for a driver's permit. Students will also need a driving eligibility certificate (DEC), which is issued by the school the student attends. Home school students must obtain their DEC from the NC Division of Non-public Education.

    For additional information about DEC's, please visit the Driving Eligibility FAQ page on the NC Department of Public Education website. 

    Obtaining a Learner's Permit and Driver's License
    Information for obtaining a learner's permit, required documents, as well as details of the graduated driver's license are available on the NCDOT website, which you can access by clicking here. Students and parents may find it helpful to download the North Carolina Driver's Handbook published by the NC Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles.

    Parents Supervised Driving Program
    One of the components in the North Carolina Driver Education Strategic Plan is to provide assistance to parents in helping them guide their teens through Graduated Licensing.  The DMV has also partnered with the Safe Roads Alliance to provide “The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program” to parents as well.  You can review the program at scroll to the bottom of the page and click on North Carolina to view a PDF of the handbook that parents will receive at the NCDMV office when they take their teens to obtain a learner’s permit. 


    Program Restart

    The driver's education program was suspended in March due to the pandemic. At that time, we had many students waiting to complete behind-the-wheel training and 11 classes that were getting ready to start. Our initial focus has been on clearing the backlog of students waiting for behind-the-wheel training.


    The NC Driving School has started offering virtual classroom training opportunities and we will start scheduling in-person classes when we can open our high schools and allow students to return. The first virtual sessions have been made available to those students who were registered for a class that was canceled in March before it got started. On a limited basis, based on instructor availability and the number of eligible students, morning sessions may be scheduled at some schools. Registration for classes will be limited to students 15 years or older at this time. Although classes are virtual, students are still expected to register for driver's education classes scheduled for their school.


    Classes will be posted as they are scheduled. You can check the website for the NC Driving School ( for details about dates, times, and registration. If you are contacted by the NC Driving School, it is important that you respond to their request for information.




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