Early Entrance to Kindergarten


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    Early Entrance to Kindergarten 

    Gifted children are very precocious and may be ready to begin school by the age of 4. The 1997 General Assembly passed legislation allowing gifted 4-year-olds to enter kindergarten under certain guidelines. The state guidelines indicate that children entering kindergarten early shall be functioning two to three years beyond their age peers. In order to qualify for Early Entrance to Kindergarten, the state of North Carolina has established the following criteria for children whose fourth birthday falls on or before April 16th of the current year:

    • 98th percentile or higher on a standardized test of intelligence
    • 98th percentile or higher on a standardized test of reading ability and/or math ability
    • Portfolio of student work
    • 2 letters of recommendation from non-relatives

    Next Steps:

    1. Click here to read the parent information packet and access the necessary form.
    2. Contact Dr. Dee Jordan, AG Supervisor, at 336-370-8322 or jordand@gcsnc.com to discuss your interest in Early Entrance to Kindergarten. 
    3. Schedule intelligence and achievement testing with a licensed psychologist. Testing must be arranged and paid for by the parent. Click here to access the Early Entrance to Kindergarten (Psychologist Form). 
    4. Compile and submit a packet that includes a:
      1. letter of written request to enroll child in kindergarten
      2. birth certificate
      3. portfolio of work samples 
      4. two letters of recommendation from non-relatives
      5. official psychological report with GCS form attached. Note: This data should have also been submitted to the AG Dept. 
    5. Contact principal at your assigned elementary school to discuss your interest in Early Entrance to Kindergarten and to submit then your child's referral packet. (Click here to find out your assigned school.)
    6. The principal will schedule an interview with the child, convene a review committee, and notify parents of the decision. Decisions are site-based.

    According to state guidelines, the packet must be submitted to the principal before the end of the first 30 calendar days of the instructional school year. Parents are encouraged to complete the process before the first day of school.