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    Common Questions

    Q: How can I get a copy of my high school transcript?

    A: Below are the 2 ways to order your SWHS transcript. 

    Q: I took classes at GTCC. How can I get a copy of that transcript?

    A: Use the link located at the bottom of this page to order it.

    Q: How is my GPA calculated?

    A: Your GPA is the sum of all your course grades throughout your high school career divided by your total number of quality points.

    GPA Calculator

    Q: What is the difference between a weighted GPA and an unweighted GPA?

    A: An unweighted GPA calculates your average grade on a 4.0 scale (usually) regardless of how easy or difficult a class may be (i.e. an "A" is worth 4 quality points no matter the level). A weighted GPA considers the level of the course and awards the student more quality points based on the grade received (i.e. an "A" on an honors-level course is 4.5 quality points, and an "A" in an AP/college level course is 5 quality points).

    Q: What is class rank and where can I find it?

    A: Class rank is a mathematical summary of a student's academic record compared to those of other students in the graduating class. Your rank can be found on your transcript.  

    Q: Can I get my GPA or transcript from my School Counselor?

    A: No, students must order their transcripts using the 2 methods below.

    Q: How can I improve my GPA?

    A: Take each (elective and core) course seriously. Your final grade for each course will affect your GPA.

    A: Retake any high school course if you receive a "F". Students must sit for the course again and pass the course to remove the "F" from their transcript. 

    A: Be sure to attend class and actively participate.

    A: Do not fall behind in your school work.

    A: Ask your teacher or school counselor about tutoring opportunities if you are struggling in a class.

    A: Consider taking higher level coursework if available. Southwest offers traditional level, honors level, and AP level courses. Students are also able to take DE (college level) courses during their junior and senior year through GTCC.

    A: Consider completing a course during summer school.Students are permitted to complete 1 course during the summer. 

              Ways to order your transcript(s)

    #1 Scriborder (No fees for current students)

    Use this site to...

    - Request your transcript for personal use.

    - Send your transcript out of state to colleges/ universities

    - Request test scores, immunizations, and other records  


    • Choose the current student option
    • You will receive a message when your transcript is ready (be sure to check your email!).
    • PLEASE NOTE: Your school may require you to schedule an appointment or mail your transcript

    As long as seniors get their order in by the end of June, it is free. Any orders submitted July 1st and after is subject to former student fees ($14 for transcript).

    Questions contact Ms. Karant, Registrar.


    #2 College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)

    Use CFNC to send your transcripts to colleges in the state of NC Directions CFNC

    #3 GTCC Students ONLY

    GTCC Transcript

    Students attending GTCC will send their GTCC transcripts to colleges by https://www.gtcc.edu/student-life/records-and-transcripts/requesting-transcripts.php