Amazing GCS Stories

  • Estella McLean, our cafeteria manager at Millis Road Elementary, takes great pride in not only fulfilling her job responsibilities but also in for caring and nurturing all the staff and students at the school. As a Pre-k teacher at the school we rely on Estella daily to help our classroom run smoothly! She always works her hardest to make sure our meal cart comes on time, and provides tasty meals the children will enjoy! If my assistant and I are having a rough day she always has kind and encouraging words for us! We couldn’t do our jobs without her and want to recognize her for  the tremendous contribution she makes to our program!

    Amanda Buchanan
    NC Pre-K Teacher
    Millis Road Elementary

    Holly Lamb, media specialist, Pleasant Garden Elementary

    What an outstanding individual, full of love and energy for all her students. She loves to help them learn to read and love books. And she helps her co-workers provide the best learning environment for all the students.

    Holly is one of a kind and deserves accolades of thanks from all the parents and grandparents at Pleasant Garden Elementary School.  

    Hazel Carroll

    Martha Jo Jones, Weaver Academy for the Performing Arts, Counselor’s office

    Thank you Mrs. Jones for your dedication to the students and staff of Weaver Academy. You do an amazing job!

    Hazel Carroll

    I would like to recognize my counselor, Elizabeth Brown, for the leadership she has shown in providing physical care to a newly diagnosed diabetes student. This care requires an abundance of time and is outside of the scope of her “job description”, yet she never complains and always greets the student with loving care and compassion. We need more counselors like her!!!!

    Deborah Parker, Erwin Montessori Principal

    I would like to recognize my CF, Heidi Pegram, for the leadership she has shown in providing physical care to a newly diagnosed diabetes student. This care requires an abundance of time and is outside of the scope of her “job description”, yet she never complains and is always concerned about this student’s well being.

    Deborah Parker, Erwin Montessori Principal

    I would like to recognize my Pre K/K teacher, Norma Noble, for the care and concern she has shown in providing physical care to a newly diagnosed diabetes student. This care requires an abundance of time and is outside of the scope of her “job description”, yet she never complains, even though she is clearly losing instructional time. She always greets the student with loving care and compassion and she keeps the mother informed on a regular basis.

    Deborah Parker, Erwin Principal

    I would like to recognize my Pre K/K teacher, Kristie Hines, for her willingness to be of service to  a newly diagnosed diabetes student. Even though she ultimately did not have to provide daily care, the fact that she was willing speaks volumes for her leadership.

    Deborah Parker, Erwin Principal

    I would like to recognize my nurse, Pam Schneider, for the care and concern she has shown in providing physical care to a newly diagnosed diabetes student. She has also done an AMAYzing job in training staff to check insulin levels and give diabetic injections.

    Deborah Parker, Erwin Principal

    Bus Driver of Bus 916:

    He is the best bus driver I’ve ever had. I am an unorganized person so once in a while, I would run late in the morning. However, he has never left me behind before and always wait a few more seconds just for me or for any student that goes through the same thing. He greets each of us with “good morning” and tells us to “have a nice day” when we get off. Even though I don’t ride the bus anymore, I still remember him from time to time when I see his bus go by my house.

    Phung Nguyen

    Ashley King at STEM Early College

    Even though she may seem like she has a tough outer shell, she is actually very nice and welcoming when it comes to her students. I enjoy being in her presence when she teaches or just being a regular person. She’s the head of my favorite club (Quizbowl) and she always manages to let us have fun and enjoy our time. Not only does she teach with great depth and content, she cares about each and everyone of her students. She never lets anyone fall off the wagon. If she sees us tipping, she would always try to pull us back in.

    Phung Nguyen

    Jillian Steelberg and Tiffany Taylor have been truly A MAY zing with the classroom environment they set. They demonstrated such patience, love and acceptance that their students picked up on these characteristics and modeled them. One student was experiencing severe crisis and had frequent, volatile outbursts to the point where it could have become a major distraction. The teachers handled the situation calmly and showed the student nothing but love and compassion. Subsequently, the other students did likewise!

    Deborah Parker, Erwin Principal

    I would like to send my appreciation to Ms. Eileen Martin at Washington Montessori. Her infectious personality, commitment to the school, and passion for being a forever learner is vital in our school community. She is an excellent part of GCS!

    Raven S. Walker, 4th grade Teacher

    Julie Galuski, Jamestown Middle School

    An amazing, profound educator who serves the children in the science classroom with intelligence, humor and expertise.  On top of that she is the originator and Senior teacher advisor for the last 12 years of the Jamestown Middle School Builders Club.  The service and love she has spread to these children and their families extends in multitudes out into the community.

    Linda A. Magley

    Team #366 are A May Zing:

    Elizabeth Shaw, Ernestine Weatherly, Annetta Palmer, Tammie Johnson, Michelle Patrick, Jameshia Vines, Sheree Jones, Sasha Bryan, Kimberly Hill. All take care of Falkener Elementary & Herbin-Metz Education Center.

    Sandra High

    Suzanne Fray is A-Mazing!   She makes Hunter Elementary a better place for students, parents and staff!  We are so lucky to have her!!

    Beth Menefee

    I am grateful to have Lavonda Kennedy as a paraprofessional in the library media center at Herbin-Metz and C.J. Greene.  She is a wonderful asset to our program and I appreciate everything she does to help our students!!

    Natalie K. Stanley, Media Specialist, C J Greene Education Center   

    Martha Griffin is A-MAZING!  She is always ready to help us (in ACES) find books that we need, help us with electronics or to let us use the Media Center when we are displaced.  She is so kind and warm hearted and we all love her!

    Beth Menefee, Hunter Elementary

    Mrs. LaKeisha Heggie is one of the most dedicated teachers I know.  She works as a math coach at Hampton Elementary, but coaching is only a part of her role at our school.  Mrs. Heggie teaches math to our kindergarten students each day, helps to plan engaging lessons for multiple grade levels, coaches teachers and students to do their best, and does it all with a smile on her face.   Whenever anyone asks her for help – with math or any other topic, she always says, “Sure!” Her dedication and professionalism is top notch!

    Deborah Paul

    Mrs. Robin Tucker is an amazing teacher and coach.  Her knowledge is unbelievable.  Her official title may be reading coach, but she goes above and beyond everyday to help our students and teachers be successful!

    Deborah Paul, Hampton Elementary

    Thank you, Dr. Jamie King, for giving me the opportunity to change the lives of such rapidly growing, amazing and acquiring middle school aged students. “I live for that AHA! moment when my students first understand a new concept or see how the lesson applies directly to their lives. I get excited when students see improvement or when they are able to struggle through to mastery. Helping students discover their strengths and then develop those strengths into regular habits of mind is extremely rewarding for me. Knowing that I have helped students move forward with skills they will use for the rest of their lives is gratifying and truly fulfilling for me.

    Regeina Galloway, Northeast Middle

    Ms Fleenor, High Point Central HS. The most outstanding AP/IB coordinator in the county!

    Tatlock Lauten

    Mrs. Tracy Hamlin, High Point Central High School, Data Manager

    A wonderful coworker and person to know. 

    Ashea Francis

    Zane Doty is A-MAZING!  Ms. Doty is a 1st Grade Teacher at Hunter and has the most AWESOME classroom in the building!  She does anything and everything for her students.  She also helps in ACES by subbing for Group Leaders or the Site Coordinator.  She is a true gem!

    Beth Menefee

    Carolyn Tatum, custodial staff member who always goes the extra mile to make sure Claxton is sparkling clean, and ready each evening for the next school day.  She stays no matter how late to make sure the job gets done. 

    Thank you Miss Carolyn!

    Mary Riddell

    Joyce Goode is A-MAZING!  Joyce has come to read for Dr. Seuss Day for the past 24 years at Hunter Elementary!  During that time, she has added to her costume each year!  Joyce is also a Guest Reader for our ACES Program and is “one cool cat”!

    Beth Menefee

    Our Claxton Elementary cafeteria staff and manager are always finding new ways to prepare delicious lunches that are tasty and healthy for us.  The incredible part is how they do this with the budget and supplies they are allotted to use.  They greet our students each day with a smile, patience, and kindness to make sure each child is fed well and has what they have requested.  They certainly deserve more “thank you’s” for what they do on a daily basis. 

    Mary Riddell

    Christina Lowder, choral teacher, at Southwest Guilford Middle is truly amazing!  My daughter has been in her chorus class and vocal ensemble for two years.  I cannot tell you how many times my daughter has said “I just love Mrs. Lowder! She’s the best!”  I am always impressed by the creative opportunities Mrs. Lowder gives her students to express themselves through the music choices they present in concert.  Mrs. Lowder has made a lasting impact on my daughter and so many other students!    

    Alison Yates

    I would love to nominate Aja Thomas, our school counselor is one of the hardest working members in our building. She gives 110% to our students, she lives out what it means to do the hard work and always thinks best for students. She helps parents, staff, and volunteers in our building in any way she can. 

    Brandi Turner, Vandalia Elementary

    “JT” Tonkins is an amazing GCS employee. As the ONLY webmaster for our district that includes 126 schools, 73,000 + students and 10,000+ employees, I have found “JT” to always be knowledgeable, professional, firm, kind, flexible and helpful. He is a true example of a team player. He is dedicated to the work he does every day to ensure that the district soars to greatness and our websites are reflections of this greatness. I applaud his determination to bring the best of himself to work every day.

    Wanda E. Mobley

    Chris Tolliver, school support officer for Learning Area 3, is an amazing GCS employee. His understanding of what right looks like drives him to be an employee of great compassion which is exhibited in the conversations he has, the decisions he makes and the extraordinary leader he works to become. I appreciate his willingness to be of service – engaging staff, reassuring parents and role modeling the work of transforming learning and life outcomes for students.  

    Wanda E. Mobley

    Allison Siragusa, Allen Jay Middle

    Miss Siragusa works tirelessly to develop young scholars. It is not uncommon to see her several hours after school creating engaging lessons for her students. Furthermore, Miss Siragusa is such a positive force within our school. She lifts the spirits of both staff and scholars and builds meaningful relationships. We are so lucky to have her here at Allen Jay Prep Middle School.

    Lance Hammond

    Mrs. Patricia Cason 9th Grade History teacher one of the best teachers I know.

    High Point Central High School

    and Dr. Nixon-Green Principal is the best!!

    Ashea Francis

    Eric Graves and students Eric Graves is an absolute amazing asset to the Jackson Middle community! He is the schools current Communities in Schools chair and has truly opened so many doors for the students at Jackson! He has worked with the city to provide free opportunities over spring break for an all day camp experience. He has brought in outside agencies to provide opportunities (fitness, arts, leadership Etc) afterschool for our students all completely for free! He has worked to provide an abundance of SMOD clothing, jackets (and other appropriate weather gear), a food pantry (and out of the garden trucks on a regular). He has implemented the school’s student council and taken them to leadership conferences! The repair he has with students is beyond measure and his is a true inspiration to all! On a regular he can be seen spending his own free time supporting our students at sporting events as well as hikes around the community! 

    Dawn Lineberry

    My son Brandon attends Allen Jay Prep.  He has an amazing teacher with whom he has really connected with this year, Mr. Nissen.  Mr. Nissen is Brandon's favorite teacher!  Thanks to him, my son has developed a love of reading that he has never had.  My family is forever grateful to Mr. Nissen for helping our son throughout this school year. 

    Shana Richards

    I'd like to recognize Mr. Shaun O'Conner as an incredible AU teacher at CJ Greene Education Center. He goes above and beyond his duties to see that all his students needs are met. He communicates with me on a daily basis and keeps me well informed about my sons day. Mr. O'Connor is also CJ Greene's  PTA president and is a very important piece to the puzzle at CJ Greene. My son will graduate from Shaun's class this year and has made tremendous progress behaviorally, socially and academically. Mr. O'Conner has an amazing team Mr. Billy and Orlando. They work well with the students and each other. It shows in all that they do. We will forever be grateful to him, his assistants and all the wonderful CJ Greene staff. I'd like to say Thank You, Mr. O'Conner and we will miss you dearly in the years to come! 

    Love, The Young Family

    I just wanted to shout out a fellow teacher.  Ms. Goley at Swann middle inspired me this year by working hard to help to young men get desperately needed reading glasses.  Both boys were struggling to see in class, and Ms. Goley took the time and energy to work with parents, nurses, and local optometrist to make sure they got the care that they needed.

    Benjamin Porter

    The District Relations/Communications team of Kim Funderburk, Nora Shoptaw, Jenny Brooks, Leonard Simpson, Josie Miller and Jasmine Howell ROCK!!!! This team, comprised of determined, committed and spirited professionals, is dedicated to ensuring the best communication possible across the district. Whether it’s telling the amazing stories of our students and staff, recruiting volunteers, working with our schools in crisis situations, managing special events, producing content for our 24-hour television station or answering the hundreds of calls we receive daily, this mighty team works diligently to ensure timely, accurate and engaging information is shared with the district’s stakeholders. I am so grateful to work with a team that understands the importance of our work in building better futures for our students, families and communities. This team ROCKS – Respected, Optimistic, Compassionate, Knowledgeable and Special.

    Wanda E. Mobley

    I would like to acknowledge some people that have been extremely helpful in my very first lateral entry year at GCS: Vicki Mitchell, Ann Hager, Angie Hamilton, Vernon McHam, Dr. Pete Kashubara, Taylor Peele and Dr. Patricia Creech!  Thank you all so very much!!

    Denises Marshall, Western High

    Amy Baldwin, 1st grade teacher at Alamance Elementary is truly amazing.  She has helped me coach the Jazzy Jumpers throughout her career.  She also taught 2 of my 4 children in 1st grade and was a remarkable teacher.  Amy Baldwin is a fine example of what every educator should strive to be😊

    Kim Berg

    I want to recognize all of payroll.  They do an amazing job each and every month to get all GCS employees paid.  They are a wonderful team.

    Debra Roberts-Arthur

    I’d like to remain anonymous but for my time here at STEM Mr. Vaughn has always spared his time to listen to my problems and understand me. It makes me feel like I am not alone and there are other ways to think about life. I felt a big chance in who I’ve become because of him. 

    Also, there is Mrs. Rock who has been my rock for my time at STEM. She is always there when I need to cry and she always reminds me of how to be strong even when no one else believes in you. The confidence I have is because she set such an example for me, and was always there for me. 

    The STEM Early College at NCAT

    Wilma Goins is a new data manager. She is learning the ropes quickly and is adapting to the Erwin Montessori culture. She is an aMAYzing employee!

    Deborah Parker

    Mrs. Romero is the part time Spanish interpreter at Alderman Elementary. She is always so helpful passing information on our Spanish speaking families. She is very kind and caring person to all students and staff, I'm proud that she is a colleague  and a part of the Alderman Bear Family.

    Danell " Dee" Burney

    Just want to send a shout out to these guys who keep our electricity, AC, Plumbing, carpentry, grounds, custodial. These guys do a great job with little recognition, so thanks, you do make a difference. 

    Gregory Smith

    Jeffrey Gill- a full time bus driver at Southern High School, an amazing bus driver, mentor and inspiration to children across Guilford County. No students will go hungry or without clothes on his bus. He teaches and encourages them to be respectful at all times.

    Eboni Jackson-7th grade English teacher at Ferndale Middle, a phenomenal educator concerned about the students at all times. Makes sure her students have all there school supplies. Eboni has not only introduced her students to a higher level of enjoying reading but has incorporated this in her community.

    Jason Jackson-6th grade teacher at Ferndale Middle. Where do I start. Jason joined Ferndale as a mentor. His experience and respect for the students and his peers was phenomenal. Jason is the head football as well as head wrestling coach. Jason goes above and beyond for all students. He makes sure they are respectful, learning, have whatever school supplies are needed, not hungry, cleats, and what ever else is needed. He always encouraging them they can be anything they want to be. His male figure in Ferndale has made a tremendous impact on many of the students.

    Melanie Gill


    Montlieu Academy of Technology 

    JaLisa Stevens

    Quentin Roper is such a positive role model especially for our male population. He has been trained in First Aid and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. He is also the Student Council Advisor and an overall excellent employee. We are happy that he is a co-teacher at Erwin Montessori!! 

    Deborah Parker

    David Warren is an a-May-zing co-teacher. He was recently trained in First Aid and Non Violent Crisis Intervention. It’s so great to have positive male role models in elementary school and we are happy he is at Erwin Montessori!!!

    Deborah Parker

    Reggie Snyder is an a-May-zing co-teacher. He was recently trained in First Aid and Non Violent Crisis Intervention. He frequently fills in when teachers are absent. It’s so great to have positive male role models in elementary school and we are happy he is at Erwin Montessori!!!

    Deborah Parker

    My name is Lindsay Welch. I am a retired School Resource Officer and still work part time as one, because I believe in the program. 
    Officer Joseph, School Resource Officer at Eastern Guilford High School is the epitome of what a School Resource Officer should be. We, as SROs, feel that we are part of the team at the schools we work. Officer Joseph has had a trying year with a lot of gang violence, drug possessions and assaults. Officer Joseph is one of the best SROs I have ever worked with. I feel that Officer Joseph does a great job in making Eastern Guilford High School a safe place for our children to learn. Officer Joseph does an amazing job to ensure that our students have the brightest futures imaginable. 

    I wanted to recognize some outstanding Teachers and staff at Jones Elementary. Third grade teacher Mrs. Salas Lugo is great help. Mrs. Salas celebrates each child's birthday each month with cake. I think this was so thoughtful. It shows her compassion for her students. I would also like to recognize Mrs. Marsh and Ms. Whiteside, both amazing fifth grade teachers. They constantly encourage their students to strive for the best, allowing them extra time to get assignments complete. My son has built a close bond with Mrs. Marsh and Ms. Whiteside and I am sure he will miss them when he graduates. Besides having amazing teachers, Jones Elementary has great staff such as Mrs. Nina( office). She is always pleasant and greets everyone with a smile. Also, Ms. Rudd( data mgr.), who is consistently smiling and helping parents and students with attendance issues. I appreciate all of these wonderful teachers and staff that help make this school so great.
    Latisha Hendricks

    I wanted to share my appreciation for Mrs. Crawford @ General Greene Elementary school. As a parent, I am incredibly grateful for her nurturing and caring demeanor to her students. As an educator, I appreciate the immense effort she puts towards stimulating, engaging, and pushing her students (including my son) to understand the world around them better.

    Bryson Betts

    I would like to give a shout out to Justin Cunningham at Ragsdale Transportation. As a new treasurer, he has helped immensely with attaining busing for field trips, finding drivers for the buses, and answering any questions that I have. He helped our Pre-K teacher with seating for their field trip.  He is always willing to go above and beyond anything asked and does it with a great attitude.  Thanks Justin!

    Lori M Harris

    Mrs. Velda Edwards at Sumner Elementary School goes above and beyond the call of duty.  I would like to recognize her for the month of May.

    Bridget Zolicoffer, K-5 EC Resource Teacher

    odessa thomas My daughter is Ms. Sellers Pre-k/K classroom at Erwin Montessori. Ms. Sellers always ensures our daughter is excelling at all levels, and provides us with the materials to keep her loving school! She continues to push her to her best and always be a good friend! There's never been a time that Ms. Sellers hasn't gone over and beyond for our daughter! Thank you for always including us and supporting our children! 

    Odessa Thomas

    Sellers Eronda & Jermaine McCain, Erwin Montessori Parents

    Tiara Sellers 

    Pre-K/K Teacher 

    Erwin Montessori 

    My daughter is in Ms. Seller's class at Erwin Montessori.  We love Ms. Sellers because she is a strong teacher and she keeps us informed on the individual needs of our daughter.  She works with us to make sure our daughter succeeds on all levels. Our daughter comes home daily excited about reading and doing homework. Ms. Sellers goes above and beyond her duties as a teacher to make sure our daughter is on the right path to be a strong future Kindergarten Kid. #amazingGCS

    sellers3 I am a parent of Erwin Montessori. My daughter is in Ms. Sellers class prek/k at Erwin Montessori. Ms. Sellers is an amazing teacher, she goes above and beyond for her students. She makes sure my daughter is excelling above average on all her materials and reading. And most of all she makes sure the parents are in the know with what is going on with there child, and she makes sure the parents are involved in all activities. She also sends home materials for my daughter to do weather it’s on the weekend or a holiday. My son is a upcoming prek,she also sends home materials for him and help him out too, so he will be ready for prek. My daughter loves school, and loves having Ms. Seller as her teacher. I look forward to having her teach both my kids next year and the following year. #schoolsneedsmoreteacherslikeher

    Ebony Bass

    Quentin Roper is a co-teacher at Erwin Montessori, and so much more. He is an A-May-ZING person and he gives lots of time as the Student Council representative. He has engaged our Student Council in multiple service learning activities. He is a positive professional and an excellent role model for all students and especially our male population; he is worthy to be called A May Zing!!

    Deborah Parker, Erwin Montessori

    Lucinda Johnson is a teacher at Penn-Griffin School.

    She is also working as a homebound teacher with one of our students.

    Since the student is struggling with an illness that saps her energy, Ms. Johnson works with the student from 7 - 8 am, and then heads to work with her Penn-Griffin students.

    Thanks Lucinda!

    George Rubenstein

    Cheryl Robinson I would like to acknowledge Mrs. Cheryl Robinson. Mrs. Robinson recently joined the High Point Central Admin Team and she is adapting very well. Her leadership qualities, willingness to help and her friendly attitude are truly commendable. We appreciate the hard work she has put in this far and we look forward to great things!

    Maria Nwabueze

    Thank you so much to the following folks for working so hard to get our DIBELS/TRC assessments done:

    Rhonda Underwood

    Isabel Zapata

    Ashley Watkins

    Katie Chow


    We appreciate you!

    Leesa Knapp, M. Ed.

    Curriculum Facilitator

    Peck Elementary School

    Kimberly Jones-Goods I would like to show my appreciation to Dr. Kimberly Jones-Goods for her unwavering high expectations of her team in order to increase student learning outcomes and build their confidence and social skills. When Dr. Jones- Goods is questioned regarding the reason for her high expectations and accountability of her team she states that she" believes that it is our obligation and our privilege to create hope and a future for all students" and as a leader it is her responsibility to ensure that this happens. Without a doubt, Dr. Jones- Goods has a passion for working with students, teachers and parents, a belief in integrity, a focus on equity, a growth mindset and is a lifelong learner. She also believes that all students " when provided the appropriate conditions: an environment where education feels valued and is the norm; positive relationship- building is present; students receive quality learning experiences and appropriate grade level instructional materials, can learn at high levels." Her values are uncompromising. I am truly honored to be able to work with her at Northern Guilford High School and to know she's an adult who will never give up on anyone! 

    Victoria Pratt

    Samatha Brown, Erwin Montessori, second grade teacher demonstrated aMAYzing caring. One of her students was not able to get to school because the parent’s car was not working. She went above and beyond to ensure her student got to school and home each day. Her concern was making sure the student did not miss instruction.

     Deborah Parker

    Hi, my name is Carlos Sumoza. I am a senior student at Western Guilford high school.  I am personally grateful to Ms.Chacón, my ESL teacher who cordially helped me in the steps to understand how to research and format my senior paper. She was a person who during the school year, with his ability to teach, made me learn  new things and understand small details of other classes that I did not understand. Without this teacher, I would have not graduated, or I would not have learned the things that I know today.  Thank you! 

    Carlos Sumoza

    I am jordany Castro, a Western Guildford high  school student. I give thanks to ms. Chacón for being helpful, caring, respectful even though I did not do work, and I made her mad; she still helped me till today. I thank her for that. I would love to be back in time and be more respectful and do my work in her class. That is what I regret today .