K-2 Service

  • AG Programs: Kindergarten through Second Grade

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    GCS does not formally identify students for AG eligibility until 2nd grade. However, this does not negate the need for differentiated instruction in the primary grades. For students in grades K-2, the AG Department provides consultative or talent development services. 


    K-2 Consultative Services

    The AG department supports the K-2 classroom teacher in recognizing gifted characteristics and modifying instructional practices in order to personalize learning and cultivate academic and intellectual growth. This occurs through a collaborative process between the classroom teacher and the school-based AG team. 

    • Upon availability of new data, the classroom teacher and the AG teacher consult to establish appropriate modifications to meet the academic and intellectual needs of students who are performing well above their grade level peers.
    • The AG teacher may identify resources, structures, strategies, and environmental adjustments to aid in appropriate differentiation.
    • The AG teacher monitors the implemented measures and provides continuous support which may include additional modifications.
    • Consultation may lead to more structured adjustments to the learning environment:
      • Clustering: Assignment to a classroom with other students that demonstrate the need for differentiated instruction
      • Curriculum Compacting: Curriculum will be adapted to meet student’s needs
      • Subject Acceleration: Pending Principal’s approval
      • Grade Acceleration: Pending Principal’s approval


    Talent Development

    The AG department acknowledges the need to deliberately cultivate the ability of students to promote their academic success.  To that end, elementary AG teachers provide Talent Development services that aim to increase AG identification of students from underrepresented populations.  These services are provided to students in grades K – 5. 

    Participation in our Talent Development services is determined on an annual basis and is dependent upon student performance and scheduling capacity. Since talent development services is based on the student’s performance in their local environment (school), these services are not guaranteed should a child transfer to another school/school district during the school year. The programs for students in grades K-2 are:


    K – 1 Nurture Program:

    Using the Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) Curriculum students at select schools receive weekly whole group enrichment opportunities that help them develop critical thinking strategies.  Upon observation from both the classroom teacher and AG teacher, select students are pulled for more individualized or small group enrichment. 


    Grade 2 Nurture:

    Using the Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) Curriculum elementary AG teachers visit second grade classrooms to conduct whole-group lessons focusing on creative and critical thinking skills.  The program aims to create scholarly classroom environments that fully engage students in the critical thinking process.  Upon completion of the whole-group lessons, the AG teacher provides small group enrichment to students identified using classroom observations and available data.  It is the expectation of the AG Department that the Grade 2 Nurture program is implemented at all schools.