Middle School Service

  • Grades 6-8

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    Academically Gifted Students: Middle School

    Unlike the elementary service model, where students are pulled out of the general education setting for enrichment service with an AG specialist, at the middle grades level, Differentiation within the classroom and enrollment in advanced courses is the middle school AG service model. Middle school AG students receive differentiated instruction from the classroom teacher in English/Language Arts and/or Mathematics. These teachers are required to hold their AIG licensure or, at a minimum, successfully complete the district-provided AG Professional Development courses for classroom teachers.  Teachers who hold their AIG licensure or have met the district’s minimum requirements have successfully completed coursework or passed a Praxis exam that documents their ability to differentiate learning for gifted and advanced students. 

    All GCS middle schools offer advanced classes in English/Language Arts and Mathematics, which target academically gifted and high achieving students.

    Each Spring, End-of-Grade tests students in grades 5 - 7 are reviewed for possible eligibility for the AG program for the upcoming school year in grades 6 - 8.


    Criteria for Eligibility (Grades 6-8)

    At the middle school level, the following criteria must be met. Student progress is reviewed each year to determine future course placement.

    • Reading Achievement: 90th percentile or greater
    • Math Achievement: 90th percentile or greater


    Middle School Annual Plans:

    Classroom teachers are required to summarize how they will provide opportunities for acceleration, extension, or enrichment through content (what students learn), process (how students learn), and/or product (how students show their understanding) differentiation. These opportunities for differentiation are to be documented on the Group Plan for DifferentiationAnnually, by the end of the 1st quarter, a copy of the Group Plan for Differentiation is to be provided to AG families. 

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