Advanced Placement


    Challenge Yourself

    Guilford County Schools is committed to providing rigorous academic opportunities to all students. More than 30 Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available across GCS. Students who take AP courses and pass the corresponding exams can receive college credit or advanced placement at the university level.


    Is AP for Me?


    AP courses are not just for those students with the highest grade-point averages. If you are inquisitive, motivated and ready to earn tuition-free college courses, ask your school counselor about the AP courses offered by the Guilford County Schools. Choose a course that really interests you and experience an academic challenge while learning with classmates who are enthusiastic about learning, too.

    If you think you might not be able to keep up in the college-level classes, don't sell yourself short. 

    Even if you don't make straight As, consider trying an AP course. Students don't have to be extremely smart to succeed in an AP course, but they do have to have extreme determination. Your PSAT score may be a good way to decide the AP course in which you might flourish. Chances are, if you are ready to work hardthink for yourself and willing to accept the academic challenge, you can succeed in the AP program.

    For more information regarding AP exams and for answers to questions, please visit the College Board's AP Central website.