School Level Internal Dashboards

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     All Levels

    EVAAS Teacher Value Added shows teacher value added data by current staff or by school history. Updated when VAD data released by the State.   

    Vaccination Status shows students that are missing required vaccines. Updated twice per week during the first month of school.   

    MAP Assessment shows projection status based on MAP results and shows EVAAS projection data school. Also shows student growth data once Winter/Spring NWEA administrations occur. Updated after windows close.

    Discipline Summary shows monthly summary data for the current school year. Updated monthly.

    Missing students shows any students on Power School rosters who have not attended school. Updated daily during the 1st 20 days of school.

    Canvas Responsible Use Course Completion shows school progress toward completion of the Responsible Use course all students grades 4-12 must take. Updated weekly through September.

    Report Card shows any Failing, Incomplete, or Null (missing) marks for students in grades 3-13. Updated bi-weekly beginning 2nd quarter.

    Historical Data shows historical data in Reading and Math for current 1st - 9th graders. Updated daily until the 20th day.

    Students in Transition/Foster Care/NonDomicile shows counts of students inTransition/Foster Care/NonDomicile students at a school, and provides information on students' EC status, EL status, and most recent state testing results. Updated weekly.

    Free/Reduced Lunch shows # of students that qualify for free or reduced meal prices,  # whose applications were denied, and # who have not applied. Updated daily during the first 20 days of school, then weekly.

    Dropout 3 yr 

                           High Schools: Shows the running total of dropouts for the current and prior two years. Lists current year student dropout names for follow-up. 

                           Elementary/Middle Schools: Shows current year dropout totals and student names for follow-up.

                          Updated monthly.

    Chronic Absences shows chronic absences by absence groups for three years. Updated weekly.

    Percent of Courses in Master Schedule with Scheduled Students shows the percent of Courses with scheduled students for next year. Updated every Tuesday through the beginning of PowerSchool End-of-Year processing.

    Finance shows budget by code and Percent remaining. Updated weekly starting in December.

    Accountability Results shows preliminary state test results.  Embargoed to Principals and APs until certified by State in early September. Expected and Updated each Summer.

    School Data Card aggregates school data points for quarterly discussions with SSOs. Updated as needed starting in October.


    Elementary Schools

    Absences with Reason Codes shows absences by attendance reason code for three years. Updated weekly.

    DIBELS shows data by DIBELS assessement. Updated after each testing window,



    Middle Schools

    Absences with Reason Codes shows absences by attendance reason code for three years. Updated weekly.


    High Schools


    Cohort Tracking Preview shows student graduation status for upcoming cohorts and highlights potential errors that may need correcting. Updated in Fall, then monthly in Spring.

    AP/IB Registration shows AP/IB registration for 10th/11th grades students, by race/ethnicity. Updated weekly during spring registration.

    At-Risk Graduation shows risk factors/level for students to graduate on time. Created after 20th day.

    PreACT shows school and student results of prior year's PreACT administration. Updated in the Fall.  


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