• Flyer Procedure

    The Guilford County Board of Education expects a learning environment free from interruption for non-educational reasons. It supports informing parents and students about educational opportunities and community activities in a non-disruptive way. To that end, only information which has been approved for display or distribution in accordance with Board Policy 5210 and Board Regulation 5210-R (Distribution of Materials in Schools) will be considered for approval.

    Which groups will be considered for display/distribution:

    1. Guilford County Schools
      • School calendars, menus, newsletters, parent letters, district information
      • Info about school activities and/or events (sports teams, clubs, field trips, school plays and concerts)
    2. County, state or federal government agencies
    3. Parent-teacher associations/organizations
      • Organizations formed to support the school in an area of recognized need, such as the PTA, PTO, teachers’ and principals’ organizations and booster clubs
    4. GCS partners (Business, faith groups or community organizations that work collaboratively with the school district to support students and schools)
      • Partners must work with the school principal or the Office of Volunteers, Partnerships and Grants to develop goals and measures for the relationship.
      • Students or staff at the target school(s), departments or regions must directly benefit from the partnership.
      • Open and ongoing communication must exist between the partner, principal and/or the Office of Volunteers, Partnerships and Grants.
    5. Entities offering educational, recreational, cultural or character-development activities to school-aged children
    6. Institutes of higher education

    Please note:

    Only information materials and announcements sponsored and endorsed by the above-listed organizations, in keeping with the specific guidelines set out in Board Policy KI, and identifying one of the above-listed organizations on the document, may be approved for display or distribution to students.

    Materials from agencies, businesses, nonprofits, organizations, partners or groups that are not part of Guilford County Schools may be approved for electronic distribution only, and may include a fee for distribution.

    Any events, activities or programs that include a charge to students or families must include a process for providing scholarship opportunities for participants.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Providers will go to peachjar.com.
    • Register as an Enrichment/Community Group (account type).
    • Upload your flyer for approval.
    • Flyers are submitted through the website, and are automatically sent to the GCS District Relations Office to ensure they meet the requirements of Board of Education Policy and Regulation 5210 and 5210-R (Distribution of Materials in Schools).
      • Requests should be submitted at least 15 school days before the requested distribution date.
      • Any events, activities or programs that include a charge to students or families must include a process for providing scholarship opportunities for participants.
      • Materials that are approved for distribution must include the following disclaimer: “The following materials/statements/programs are not endorsed by GCS nor do they represent the district’s position or policy.”
    • If the flyer is approved, it will be posted in each individual school’s online “electronic backpack.”

    Posting to the electronic backpack is FREE for school office staff and parent groups, including booster clubs, parent-teacher organizations, etc.

    Community groups pay a small service fee, which is significantly less than the cost of color printing. It’s also a bonus for community groups, because flyers stay in the electronic backpack for 30 days (or more), so families can go back to check information without worrying about losing another piece of paper

    For questions, please call (336) 370-8386 or email shoptan@gcsnc.com.