• DDay

    Welcome to AP World History!

    This challenging course will take us from the 1200s to the present day, where we will examine the critical social, political, economic, religious, and environmental events that have taken place over time. It is important to understand that history is not one story but thousands of stories woven together. Each story is complex and unique. Every culture we examine has its own special connection to others. We will also hone special skills in understanding how to interpret and engage historical resources, utilizing contextualization, geography and its importance in history, and historical writing and argumentation. These skills will be repeatedly practiced and mastered during our time together.

    As earlier stated, this course is challenging - students are expected to hold themselves to the highest level - the AP level - of respect, integrity, ethics, time management, and dedication to fulfilling the tasks presented to them. As your instructor, I will do everything possible to help you feel prepared for the AP exam, but expect you to help yourself do the same. If we can maintain that contract, then this class will be incredibly rewarding and exciting. 

    Materials Needed:
    A very hands-on course, you should bring the following materials with you daily so that you can participate in our daily exercises and activities:

    -Paper to write on: college ruled

    -Pencils or pens: blue, black, and red ink

    -Coloring utensils: colored pencils or crayons



    -Notebooks and a binder to store your materials and notes

    Students and parents! As we work through the year, important information and handouts will be presented in class as well as on our Canvas page