• GCSGuest Wifi Access


    The Guilford County Schools Technology Department has implemented several changes to the wireless network throughout the district.  These changes will allow GCS staff the ability to gain internet access for personal devices, without the need for a HelpDesk ticket. 

    The GCS sponsor portal and the GCSGuest wireless network, gives GCS staff the ability to create credentials for devices (personal/school owned), as well as provide internet access for visitors at GCS sites. 

    NOTE: The GCSGuest network is for internet access only.  No internal resources will be available for security reasons.

    *All GCS users must follow the steps and instructions outlined below.*

    **Previous wireless networks, xxxSchool3/xxxGuest/xxxMedia, will no longer be available as GCSGuest replaces those networks.**


    GCS Sponsor Portal – To access the sponsor portal, use the link below.


    After credentials have been created, please follow the steps and instructions for your device to connect to GCSGuest.