• Guilford County Schools eBook Sources

    In order to better support and advance students' education and interest in reading, Guilford County Schools has invested in a variety of digital resources for students, including eBooks, Audiobooks, and Interactive books. Students are free to use these resources at their leisure. Instructions on how to access each student's login information are below.

    1. Students must first access the following link: Destiny Discover
    2. Each student must ensure the top left of the screen says "Welcome to Ferndale Middle School"
    3. Click on "Log In" in the upper right corner
    4. Students' Username is their Student ID # (their lunch number)
    5. Students' Password is their birthday (mmddyyyy)
      1. For example, if a student's lunch number is 1234567, then this would be his/her username. If his/her birthday was October 14, 2000, his/her password would be 10142000

    Once a student has gained access to the site, they may look for a variety of materials to read then, or even check-out for a later time. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing this site, or utilizing its materials. You may click on the image below to go to Destiny Discover.

    This is an image of the homepage for Destiny Discover.

    If students are looking for non-fiction materials, they are welcome (and often encouraged) to use NCWiseOwl.

    • This resource will provide students with age-appropriate academic materials for all subjects, as well as explain to them how to properly cite the information they are using when collecting information for various assignments in class. You may click on the image below to go to NCWiseOwl.

    This is an image of the homepage for NCWiseOwl.

    Please let me know if you are having trouble accessing, or using, any of these materials so that I may help you.