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  • The following basic ground rules apply in my classroom:

    I. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself
    II. Follow the established classroom procedures and expectations daily
    III. Be respectful to all adults and classmates (administrators, teachers, parents, other students, and classroom guests)
    IV. Be on time, prepared, and hard-working every day
    V. Do your own work. No dishonesty, cheating, and copying. (Examples of copying include but are not limited to: copying work from other students, texting answers to other students, copy/pasting from Wikipedia, or other Internet sources.)


    Teaching Philosophy
    I was a gifted student myself (primarily verbal/linguistic – numbers aren’t my thing!) I will always remember my French teacher, Mrs. Cook, who went out of her way to challenge me and encourage me in high school, college, and beyond.

    I will go out of my way to challenge the students, and I expect students to try their best and rise to the challenge in my classroom every day.

    As a student, I had terrible study skills, procrastinated, frequently lost assignments, and could be a lazy underachiever if I wasn’t interested in something.

    I do expect the students to learn from their mistakes and work on improving themselves; however, I do not expect perfection. Perfectionism can impede learning in my class since we do a lot of Socratic discussion and problem based learning.