Academic All-Star Camp


    Camp Overview

    Since 2001, the Academic All-Star Camp (AASC) has provided an opportunity for rising high school freshmen to participate in activities that prepare them for a successful transition to high school.  During the camp, the students engage in hands-on problem-based learning experiences designed to equip them with the skills needed for honors and advanced placement courses.  A key component of the program is the AP Bootcamp, which is taught by current AP teachers and provides students with an insight into what they can expect in an academically rigorous classroom setting.

    Participants also prepare for the ACT, which most will take in their junior year of high school. During the AASC, students take a pre- and post-ACT assessment and receive daily instruction on specific skill sets known to improve ACT performance. At the conclusion of the camp, students are able to keep their ACT prep materials, which can be used throughout their high school experience to prepare them for the test.

    The camp also includes optional field trips that are sponsored by the Guilford County Chapter of Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education (PAGE).  For the 2018 AASC, students participated in two field trips; to Duke University and to Wake Forest University.  Through the generosity of PAGE, the AASC participants received information on the college selection process and how the skills they inquire in high school help them to become successful college candidates.  Click here to learn more about PAGE.  

    All students who accept the invitation to participate in the AASC must be able to attend Monday – Thursday for the entire camp session, which runs for 3 weeks.  Transportation and lunch are not provided.   Click here to read more about this enrichment opportunity.  We also invite you to view a video that was feature on GCSTV that highlights some of the 2018 AASC experiences (click here).


    The Selection Process:

    The AASC is held at two sites with each site having the capacity for approximately 100 students.  In January, the top 30 8th grade students from each of the school district’s middle schools are invited to participate based on their Grade 7 End-of-Grade test scores.  An invitation will be mailed to each of the selected students using the address information that is documented in PowerSchool, which is the student information system for the state.  Upon receipt of the invitation, parents have approximately one month to determine if they wish to except the invitation for their child to attend AASC.  To help families make an informed decision they are invited to attend two Open House meetings to learn more about the camp, the registration process, and the camp sites. The 2019 Academic All Star Camp will be held July 8-26, 2019. As a part of the GCS Ignite Summer Camp experience, the Academic All Star Camp will be held at Bennett College in Greensboro and at Emerywood Church in High Point. Invitations will be mailed to qualifying students mid-March. Invitations will include directions for completing registration. 


    Student & Parent Testimonies from the 2018 Academic All-Star Camp:

    Each year, at the conclusion of AASC, we ask students and parents to provide us with feedback regarding their experience.  The data helps the AG Department to analyze the effectiveness of AASC and to make curriculum adjustments to better meet the needs of rising freshmen.  Over the past 17 years, both students and parents have provided positive feedback regarding AASC as it relates to the goal of preparing these students for their transition to high school.  Over 90% of the students who attended the 2018 Academic All-Star Camp say that they would recommend the Camp to other students. Below are some quotes from 2018 Camp participants.


    Student Quotes:


    I had a lot of fun meeting new people, making new friends, and learning new things that will apply to my everyday life. If you have the opportunity to go I 110% recommend that you take it.

    ~Cecelia H.


    If you have regretted missing something important, You know how it's going to feel missing this opportunity. This your chance to create your future so don't miss out!

    ~Mahnoor K.


    If you ever want to join this camp there are two things that you need to know:

    1. It's VERY FUN

    2. You won't have any regrets in coming

    ~Joya G.


    This camp was a great opportunity for me to learn things I didn't already know, but I also got the chance to meet new people and connect with them based on our shared interests and knowledge.

    ~Sarah Q.


    The Academic All Star was an interesting and new way to spend my summer and actually do something productive, I got a chance to become friends with other campers and learned more about the ACT for my upcoming junior year of high school.

    ~Kennedy M-J


    The Academic All Star Camp was a fun way for me to spend my summer because not only did I have the opportunity to meet new people and engage in fun activities, I also had ACT practice from challenging teachers, that will benefit me in the future!

    ~Ria P.


    It can get exhilarating!

    ~Ahmad H.




    For more information on the Academic All-Star Camp (AASC), please contact Dee Jordan, AG Supervisor, at (336) 370-8322


    For AASC Staff Only: 

    AASC Staff, click here to access the Triumph System.