A GCS teacher discusses a new concept with students in his classroom.
  • Grant development resources

    Grant writing offers educators opportunities to develop resources in their classrooms and departments that support student achievement. Grant writing also takes an investment of time, so understanding the process is important. 

    First, review the Required Reviews and Approvals pages. 

    Now, let's talk about the Why and How of grant research:

    The Why of Grants 

    Grant writing at GCS should support the vision for student success captured in the goals of Strategic Plan 2022: Ignite Learning. Does your project align with the plan's goals and priorities? Your principal or supervisor should be your first stop to discuss ideas and seek feedback on your project. 

    How Are Grants Found?

    Many opportunities are out there to research grants. Check out resources on the Professional Learning Opportunities page. 

    Follow GCS Grants Acquisition (@gcsgrants) on Twitter for research tips, new grants, and technical support.

    Explore these pages: the GCS Searchable Grants Database and Popular Grant Research Sites for Educators

    Also, please check out the Project Technology Guidelines, included in the Site Links on the GCS Grants Acquisition homepage.