AG Professional Development Opportunities

  • The primary professional development of the AG Department is the AG PD Series, PLC opportunities for elementary AG Teachers, middle school TAG Chairs, and high school AP/IB Coordinators. 


    Other Professional Development Offerings

    Upon request, the AG Department is available to customize training for school staff on best practices for academically and/or intellectually gifted students addressing the social, emotional, and academic needs of these students.  Some currently available topics include: 

    Growing Growth Mindset in your Classroom

    Have you ever heard about Growth Mindset? Carol Dweck’s research on helping students learn to persist through challenges and learn from the process is important as we work to instill these characteristics in students.  This session will define Growth Mindset and provide strategies to incorporate persistence and grit into daily classroom instruction.  


    Developing a Growing Growth Mindset in your Child

    This session focuses on ways parents can help their high-performing child develop and maintain a Growth Mindset.  The session focuses on avoiding language and actions in the home that could lead to a Fixed Mindset.


    Linking Critical Thinking to the NC Portrait of a Graduate

    This session is for school staff.  In the session, teachers develop an understanding of the following critical thinking skills:  evaluative thinking, divergent thinking, convergent thinking, analytical thinking, and visual-spatial thinking.  The session concludes by linking these critical thinking skills to the durable skills expected of all students when they leave the NC public-school system. 


    Equity in Gifted Education:

    This session is for elementary AG Teachers and TAG Chairs.  This online course is designed to help elementary AG Teachers and middle school TAG Chairs understand the components of the AIG Plan designed to address equity and access to gifted programing.  In this course, AG Teachers and TAG Chairs review current district data and discuss how our current policies align to best practices for increasing opportunities.