Classroom Policies

    • Weaver Student Handbook rules must be followed including (but not limited to) electronic device policy, dress code, absence policy, and tardy policy.
    • Late assignments will be taken up to three days after the due date of the assignment with 10 points taken off for each day late.  Any work turned in after three days will be recorded as a zero.  Parents will be notified if the students have not turned in work after two days (meaning if an assignment is due at the end of class on Monday and the student still hasn't turned it in on Wednesday, the parents/guardians will be contacted). 
    • Tutoring Hours are after school on Mondays from 4-5 PM, during lunch on Fridays, and during lunch Tuesday-Thursday provided students are not in WISE Lunch for another teacher completing a test or quiz.  If a student cannot come to tutoring at those times, they need to see me and make other tutoring arrangements.  I am fairly flexible and will try to work with students to the best of my abilities.  Peer tutoring is also available at Weaver.
    • Tardy Policy involves unexcused tardies.  If a student is late to class without an excuse for 4 times during a quarter, they are assigned WISE PM on Thursday and parents are contacted.  Same for the fifth tardy. If a student is tardy for a sixth time in a quarter without an excuse, they are assigned in-school suspension with Mr. Jeralds. 
    • Attendance Policy is in the Weaver handbook.  Zeroes accumulated during this time that are not completed within the time frame outlined in the handbook become permanent zeroes.