Mr. McInturff’s ART 1 CLASS

    Grimsley High School 2019-2020

    ---WHAT IS ART 1 ALL ABOUT?---

    Art I focuses on learning about and effectively using the seven Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Form, Value, Color, Space, and Texture.  This will provide you with a strong foundation to build on in the higher levels of art.  We will work with a variety of art media to cover the basic drawing, design, painting, and printmaking and mixed media techniques. You will also learn how to have a global mindset and how to infuse within your own ideas and artwork.




    Email: mcintur@gcsnc.com                                                                                                    

    Phone: 336-937-0175

    Twitter: @GrimsleyHSArt                                                                                                       



     Rules for the class:

    AAttitude: always stay positive

    RRespect: Be respectful of everyone and everything in the Art room

    TTry: Always try to do your best. No “I CAN’T”

    IImagination: Always be creative and use your Imagination

    SSafety: Always be safe

    TTarget: Stay on Task and use your time wisely

    ---Tentative Class Schedule---

    First Nine Weeks Online:

    About me


      -Expressive v. Directional lines


       -Organic v. Geometric

       -Matisse- shape installation

       -Radial symmetry


    Second Nine Weeks:



        -Still life

    Form and Color-


       -Color Studies


      -One Point Perspective Name

      Third Nine Weeks:


    Artist Exploration (such as):

          Van Gogh



          Mark Rothko

          Andy Warhol

    Fourth Nine Weeks:

    Contemporary Art

    Graphic Design & Review