Founding Principles
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Founding Principles of America - Civics & Economics

  • Foundation & Principles of Civics and Economics is designed to teach students about the foundations of American government, the U.S. economy, and personal financial responsibility.  Part one of the curriculum, civics, will focus on how our democracy works at the national, state, and local level, as well as how it is influenced by desires of citizens.  Students will also evaluate how our system of government protects their liberties and promotes American fundamental foundational values.  Under the economic portion of the curriculum students will analyze how the US economy works and provides opportunities for individuals and businesses.  Also, how the government plays a role in stimulating economic prosperity and protecting consumers.  Lastly, personal financial literacy teaches students how to become informed consumers and how to provide for their  stable financial future.


    1. Chromebook

    2. A three ring binder with lose leaf notebook paper

    3. Pencil or pen

    4. Flash drive (it can be used for more than one course)