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    How you can help with chronic absenteeism:


    As teachers, you play a key role in addressing chronic absence. The good news is that you don’t have to solve this alone. You can:

    • Take roll regularly showing students that you care when they miss school

    • Reach out to frequently absent students to find out in a supportive manner why they are missing school and what would help them attend more regularly.

    • Work with parents to stress the importance of early education and to learn about any barriers to good attendance.

    • Create a nurturing, engaging classroom that will encourage children to come to school. Work with colleagues to develop and implement a school-wide system of incentives and reward for good attendance.

    • Encourage families to partner with other school staff, such as social workers or nurses, as well as community agencies to get needed supports to help children and families solve a significant barrier to getting to school.

    When schools and communities work together to provide a comprehensive, tiered system of supports to students and families—that address the reasons for student absences—they can reduce chronic absence.