Individual Counseling



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Individual Counseling

Counseling is developmental and designed to help students gain a better understanding of themselves and or others, define goals, and resolve conflict. Students may meet with a counselor individually by student request, parent request, teacher referral, or counselor invitation. Students can request a session by getting a form from the classroom teacher.



Students are beginning to understand the value of privacy, for themselves, their families and others. Respecting this right to privacy, or confidentiality, is fundamental to a counseling relationship. It allows students an opportunity to share their concerns with a trusted adult who will listen non-judgmentally and help them problem-solve in an environment of physical and emotional safety.

Information that students share in the context of counseling will be kept confidential. However, there are limits to maintaining confidentiality as required by law and ethics. These include:

• Intent to harm self or others

• Suspected abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult

• An appropriate court order is received

While confidentiality is very important, it is also recognized that parent and teacher communication is essential to helping students. While the respect for a student’s right to confidentiality, it will be asked for his or her permission to speak to a parent and/or teacher about a situation when it is felt there is pertinent information to help us work together as a team to support the child.


Are parents notified about individual counseling?

To build trust with students, it’s explained to the child that information shared in an individual counseling session is private. In many cases, it is also asked for permission from the student to speak to a parent and/or teacher about a situation. Notifying parents about counseling services using the best professional judgment, in most instances, parents are not called if a meeting with a student was a simple friendship issue that was quickly resolved. A school counselor will see a large number of students for this reason, and it would take a considerable amount of time away from direct student services to call each parent. For counseling, aside from the simple and easily resolved issues, we will call or email parents the same day that a child is seen to inform the parent about the session if it is felt that there is important information to help us work together as a team to support the child.

Parents are always welcome to contact Student Support Services if they questions or concerns about their child.