• Welcome to the music page! 

    My name is Ms. Menichelli, and this is my eighth year teaching music. I enjoy working with students musically, and watching them grow in their ability. I believe that everyone can be musical in some way. 

    Most of my teaching falls under the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy. We sing, say, dance, and play. These are all important parts of learning music. I am a member of the American Orff Schulwerk Association, a professional organization to support teachers with the Orff-Schulwerk method. 


    This summer in 2021, I was able to attend and complete level two of Orff Schulwerk certification at Appalachian State University. It is my hope this year since we are back in the music room, that we are able to utilize our xylophones and metallophones and learn music in the Orff-Schulwerk way, even if it is physically distanced. 


    What is Orff-Schulwerk? Click here to find out!


    It is always my hope that we can expand the instruments that we use. If you are interesting in helping or donating, please let me know! 

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