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    Reserve the Spirit Rock today!

    Our BSMS Spirit Rock is available for families to reserve and show their school spirit! You can reserve the rock for anything – your child/grandchild’s birthday, to recognize your favorite teacher or staff member, congratulatory events, good luck on competitions and tournaments, or recognizing milestones. Please note: The Spirit rock available to paint is the one in front of the SCHOOL GYM! (Not the one in front of the BSMS office at the entrance of the school)

    The BSMS Spirit Rock is available for $50/week - front side only. Due to the cost and labor of repainting the Spirit Rock after rental times have expired, the cost of the rental has increased to $50. This includes the front side for road traffic viewing and the back for students to view while on campus.

    Sign-ups are in one-week periods from 10 am Saturday until 3 pm the following Friday. For example, if you sign up for the week of October 4th, you may paint the rock after 10 am on Saturday, October 2nd and will have it through 3 pm on Friday, October 8th. Please check your dates!


    To sign up:

    STEP 1:

    • Sign up for your date(s) using "Sign Up Genius". Be sure to click "Submit and Sign Up" so that your dates will be reserved.

     STEP 2: 

    • Within 1 week of reserving your week to rent the rockPay by check/cash. Send in a check made out to "BSMS PTSA" with "Spirit Rock" in the notes section. Be sure to include your name, contact number, your child's name, and reserved date on your envelope to help us track your payment.
    • Please note: If you are unable to pay within 1 week, we will have to release your date.

    If you would prefer to pay electronically this can be done through Venmo:

    @ BrownSummitMiddle-PTSA please add a note with name, telephone#, date of rent the rock rental period.


    QUESTIONS? If you've read through the guidelines and tips below and still have questions, please email us.

    BSMS Spirit Rock Rules & Guidelines

    • BSMS PTSA reserves the right to block dates for school use.
    • Families must furnish their own labor, paint, and supplies. Wear old clothes! Only the front side of the rock may be painted. Please take care to not damage the surrounding area, and pick up all trash after painting. Please be kind to our environment and recycle your empty cans.
    • If the rock is painted over by someone that is not on the sign-up sheet, it is not the PTSA or school’s responsibility. NO profane words, symbols, or any derogatory or offensive messages will be permitted on the BSMS Spirit Rock. Brown Summit Middle School reserves the right to remove any content, message, or language from the BSMS Spirit Rock that is deemed inappropriate.
    • The family painting the rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group who may be injured, or who may incur clothing or other personal property damage.
    • No refunds will be issued in the case of bad weather. If wet, the rock can be towel-dried before painting. 

    The BSMS Spirit Rock runs on the Honor Code, with the hope that everyone will respect these guidelines. All money raised from the use of the Spirit Rock will go towards supporting the various PTSA programs at Brown Summit Middle School.

    Painting Tips!

    1. For the base coat, spray paint is easier to apply than canned paint. Two to three cans of spray paint should cover the front side of the rock for your base coat. You will probably need to spray it a few times for complete coverage.
    2. Once you have the base coat done, use chalk to sketch out your design. Try to do large shapes so that it’s easy to see from the road and so that you can use spray paint for most of it.
    3. Stand back from the rock to make sure you can see the design from a distance.
    4. Spray paint your large areas. If you mess up, use your base coat color to fix the mistake.
    5. For more detailed areas, use a can/tube of paint and paintbrush. 
    6. Make sure to bring paper towels to wipe any drips.