• Welcome to Mr. Lake's 5th Grade Science Classroom.

    I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your students this school year.  On this page you will find out information about all the things we will love and learn in 5th grade.  You can also find information on PBIS expectations for students.


    Academic Expectations


    This year we will be using a brand-new science program called STEMscapes.  This is program uniquely integrates the hands-on activities with evidence-based learning and questioning to provide the best opportunity for your student to learn. As with all new programs that are implemented there will be some transition time as not all of the supplies or books have made it into the classroom setting yet.      Our plan is to have all the materials needed within the first month of school.  I cannot begin to describe to you how much I like this new program and how excited I am to see our students learn and grow through the hands-on activities and vigorous work that is included in this program.

    This program follows a lesson plan format called the 5 E’s.  The five E’s are Engage, Explain, Explore, Elaborate, and Evaluate.  The first three Es pertain to the gathering information and addressing state standards.  In Elaborate, we will be taking a more in depth look at the concepts to better prepare students for future courses. In Evaluate, we will look at where students are at and either provide interventions or accelerate their learning with advanced critical thinking activities.

    Classwork Policy

    Classwork is expected to be finished in a timely manner and turned in before the students leaves the classroom.  All classwork assignments will be checked but not every assignment will be put into the gradebook.  Read more about how grade are calculated below.


    Test, quizzes, classwork assignments, and homework will all be graded to make up the student averages. Here is how the grades will be weighted:

    Test – 35%

    Quizzes – 30%

    Classwork – 25%

    Homework – 10%

    Parents can have access to grades through the parent PowerSchool portal. Please contact the office for more information. 

    All tests will be given online expect for the first pretest.  The EOG will also be given online this year. If

    Behavior Expectations

    Classroom Rules                                                              

    1. Follow directions the first time.
    2. Respect the teacher, classmates, and classroom.
    3. Accept responsibility for your actions good & bad.
    4. Try your best at all times. (complete your work)


    1st Offense – Warning

    2nd Offense – Silent Lunch/ Working Lunch

    3rd Offense – Time out

    4th Offense – Walking Recess

    5th Offense – Parental contact.


    This year our school will be using ClassDojo as our main form of teacher/parent communication. ClassDojo is a free app that you can download on your phone that allows you to reach me outside of the classroom.  I can also share PDF files including homework, newsletters, and homework answer keys. I highly recommend that you get connected on ClassDojo because it is such a great way for me to help you as a parent be able to help your students and understand how they are being taught.  Another great feature is the behavior monitoring feature that will allow you to check on your student’s behavior in real time thanks to a point checking system.  You can use this to see exactly what your student is doing well with and possibly areas where your student is struggling with behavior wise.


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