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    November is National Family Engagement Month

    Research shows that students do better in school when their parents are actively involved. Guilford Parent Academy encourages families to not only be involved, but get engaged through fun activities at home. During the month of November, Guilford Parent Academy invites families and schools to engage in various activities that enhance the health of the family and build strong family relationships. View our calendar of activities designed to increase family engagement and connect with Guilford Parent Academy during this special month. 

    N.C. State Governor Roy Cooper announces November as National Family Engagement Month with proclamation. View the proclamation here.

    As a way to honor our parents during National Family Engagement Month, Title I schools can request certificates for their virtual family engagement events. Click here to submit your certificate request.


    GPA Family Engagement Calendar 

    blue mic

    Sunday, November 1

    Turn up your favorite tunes and be a star for a night. Send us a video or pictures to parentacademy@gcsnc.com or post on GPA social media using #gpafamlove.


    Monday, November 2

    Build your child’s relationship skills so that they can learn how to navigate effectively with others by joining our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Session: Relationships-Effectively Working with Others–Part 2 at 11:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Register here to attend.


     Thank You for Voting

    Tuesday, November 3

    Election Day! Thank you for exercising your right to vote. Enjoy family by starting a conversation about the outcomes you want to see in the days ahead. Run for President! If you were elected as president, share your first speech with your family. What will you fight for and how will you do it?


    family meditation icon

    Wednesday, November 4

    It is Wellness Wednesday! Take care of yourself and stress less with our guided meditation and music playlist. Families can achieve mental and emotional comfort through breathing and taking a moment to relax. Click here to explore GPA's Family Exhale YouTube playlist. Click here to view tips from our friends at Cone Health. Check out Mindfulness apps for the family here.


    Thursday, November 5

    GPA Tech Tuesdays & Thursdays. Are you having a hard time navigating Canvas? Live Canvas Help session is the place to be! Parents will receive live help, ask questions or share concerns. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and get the link.


    Friday, November 6

    Hop in the time machine with GPA on Flashback Friday. Transport back in time and listen to your favorite oldies with the family. Make GPA part of your memories by posting that special oldie song on GPA social media using #GPAfamlove or send to parentacademy@gcsnc.com. Tell us why the song is so special.


    Pot cooking

    Saturday, November 7

    Get Cooking with the Fam. Bring the family together and take time to cook a meal and socialize. Discover different flavors and give the family a chance to experience new foods. We want to see these amazing meals. Please share on GPA social media using #GPAfamlove or sent to parentacademy@gcsnc.com.


    Sunday, November 8

    I Spy Nature. There is nothing more beautiful than what nature creates. Take this day to create your own photo shoot of things outdoors. Nature can reveal it's beauty in all places, let's go find it with a stroll through your yard, park or neighborhood. 


    orange jump rope

    Monday, November 9

    Prevent strain and pain with GPA Move It Monday. Today is the day to get up, move and get motivated with GPA’s Title I Parent Support Administrator Byron Hartsfield. Learn some healthy living tips and workout demonstrations you can do at home. Watch Let's Get It! Work Out With GPA.


    Computer icon

    Tuesday, November 10

    GPA Tech Tuesdays & Thursdays are here for you. Don't stress over Canvas. It can be a breeze. Take advantage of GPA's Live Canvas Help session where parents and caregivers receive live help, ask questions or share concerns. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and get the link.


    Family Bedtime Stories

    Wednesday, November 11

    GPA honors Veterans’ Day. Thank you Veterans for your service! Show and tell with GPA. Veterans, put on your uniform and take a family photo. Send photo to parentacademy@gcsnc.com. Is there someone in your family who served our country? Send them a text, emoji, animated GIF or photo to let them know they are special.

    Are you ready for storytime! Put on your pjs, cuddle up in bed or a couch with the family and a book. There's so much to learn when reading and it can be fun. At the end of the story, make up a game about the events or your favorite character. Tell us about your story by sending an email to parentacademy@gcsnc.com. We'll provide a FREE home library of 5 books to the first 25 families who submit their story. 


    Thursday, November 12

    Did you miss Tuesday? No worries. It's GPA Tech Thursday for all your Canvas needs. Receive live Canvas help from our finest GCS teacher experts. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and get the link. Tell a family member that you are a winner and you got this!


     blue camera

    Friday, November 13

    Oh yeah...It's Fam Movie Night! watching movies is better together, get comfortable, grab your blanket, pop your favorite popcorn and enjoy a movie with the family. Emotions allow us to express ourselves even during our favorite movie. Start a conversation about how you felt during the movie or your favorite part of the movie. Did you cry or laugh? Tell us about it by sending us an email at parentacademy@gcsnc.com.


    Yellow Telescope

    Saturday, November 14

    Star Gaze. Look how they shine for you! Can you see the little dipper? Bring the family together to make a telescope and watch the starry sky. The video DIY Telescope will show you how.



    GPA Spirit Week

    Sunday, November 15 - GPA Spirit Week

    Get the ball rolling by showing your team spirit. Wear your favorite sports team jersey, and don't forget we want to see you. Share a photo on GPA social media using #GPAfamspiritweek or show us your swag at parentacademy@gcsnc.com.

    Monday, November 16

    Meaningful Monday with My Animal Friends! Tell us the name of your family pet and share why he/she is so special. Post a photo on our social media using #GPAfamspiritweek or share your short story at parentacademy@gcsnc.com.


    Computer icon

    Tuesday, November 17

    Anything Canvas on GPA Tech Tuesdays! The live Canvas Help session is the place to be! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and get the link. 


    gtcc logo

    Wednesday, November 18

    Have you ever thought about taking your education to the next level? Join us for the G-Tech 101 Session from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. The G-Tech 101 Literacy Series is designed to share purposeful information about educational opportunities available at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC). Hear about the college, enrollment process and financial aid. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

       National Parent Engagement Day

    Thursday, November 19

    Today is National Parent Engagement Day! Did you know the work of schools and professionals is more effective when parents are involved? Parents are superheros! Dress up as a superhero or character. Share a parent or family photo on GPA social media using #GPANationalParentEngagementDay or show us @parentacademy@gcsnc.com.

    Superheros have powers, right? Increase your Canvas superpower on GPA Tech Thursday. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for live Canvas help.


    Friday, November 20

    Are your socks crazy cool? Rock out your funniest, craziest socks on GPA's Crazy, Funny Friday. Be creative and go crazy with the combination. Share a parent or family photo on GPA social media using #GPAcrazysocks or send it to us at parentacademy@gcsnc.com.


    FREE Turkey Giveaway from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Free turkeys for the first 100 families to arrive sponsored by our friends at United Way of High Point, Family Service of the Piedmont and the Guild of Family Service of High Point. Call (336) 882-3160 for more information. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.



    Green mixer

    Saturday, November 21

    Candy Crush and Sugar Rush Dessert. Make your favorite dessert together with family. Remember the secret ingredient is love. Share your creation on GPA social media using #GPAfamspiritweek or brag about your photo at parentacademy@gcsnc.com.


    Sunday, November 22

    GPA Family Bulletin Board. GPA is thankful for our families and being here to help. Sends us a photo of your happy family and be included on our virtual GPA bulletin board. We'll smile when you send your photos to parentacademy@gcsnc.com.


    red camera

    Monday, November 23

    GPA Virtual Family Bulletin Board. What is a family tradition you absolutely love? Join our GPA family and send a family photo of a family tradition to parentacademy@gcsnc.com. You'll see your photo on our GPA Family Bulletin Board.


    Tuesday, November 24

    Building character is essential in life. Character helps in the development of relationships and self-awareness. Start a conversation about one of the following character traits: kindness, generosity, charity, courageous, friendly, honesty, trustworthy, understanding. Send us an email at parentacademy@gcsnc.com about a character trait you think is important for building a strong family bond. #GPAfamlove


    Wednesday, November 25

    Almost Turkey Time! Join our GPA family and send a photo of your family enjoying the preparation of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Be included on our virtual GPA bulletin board. Like social media? Post to GPA social media using #GPAfamlove or email parentacademy@gcsnc.com. 


    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thursday November 26

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with family. Share notes with positive thoughts or start conversations on what family means to you. Stuffed? Gather the family and take a walk in your neighborhood. Walking is an easy way to increase your metabolism and calm the mind.


    Friday, November 27

    Let's Rock with a TikTok! Life is better when you sing and dance. Get the family together and lipsing to your favorite song or show your best dance moves, but make it fun! Want to share? Email us at parentacademy@gcsnc.com or post your TikTok on GPA social media using #GPAfamlove.



    Saturday, November 28

    Take a screen break with a family board game. Pick your favorite board game and set it up! Play to win and enjoy the fun with a good ole board game and family. Post a photo on GPA social media for our virtual bulletin board using #GPAfamlove. You can also email parentacademy@gcsnc.com.


    Sunday, November 29

    Don't know what to do with family? Time to create a Family Fun Jar! Make a list of fun ideas you would like to do together as a family and put them in the jar or any container at home. Dedicate a time and day to do the activities. Check out this link on how to DIY a Family Fun Jar.


    Fam Scavenger Hunt Icon

    Monday, November 30

    GPA family fun finale! It's a belly-buster. Laugh, learn and play with GPA. Join us for a night of fun with our virtual GPA Fam Scavenger Hunt. As our thanks to you for being a part of our GPA Family, we will raffle off a Kindle Fire for a lucky Title I parent. Join us from 6 - 7 p.m. on Zoom. Click here to register so that we know to expect you.