Service Learning Process

  • Investigation

    • Identify a need or area of interest in your school or community (consult the wheel on page 9 of this handbook to stay on


    • Discuss what you would like to do with your parents and get approval.
    • Contact a Service-Learning Provider (this could be a community agency, an organization, a club or a teacher advisor) who currently addresses the need or area of interest you have identified to gather additional information.


    Preparation and Planning

    • Work with your selected Service-Learning Provider to identify specific duties that would be expected of you.
    • Complete the Service-Learning Approval Form located at and get the 3 required signatures from your parents, your Service-Learning Provider and yourself.


    • Begin the change in your school and community.
    • Continue your reflections throughout your time of service.
    • Get started in x2VOL to track your hours (instructions on page 20-21).



    • Document your reflections before, during and after the service.
    • Choose unique ways to reflect throughout the service. (Example(s): Create a mural/scrapbook, make a video, write a poem, keep a journal or complete the Service-Learning Reflection form.)
    • Discuss your reflection activity with the Service-Learning Provider at the end of your service.



    • Share your experience with your family, friends, school, house of worship, community or elected officials.