• The Brown Summit yearbook club is sponsored by Mrs. Jessica Runtz. Students who are interested in helping her craft it can join the yearbook Friday club in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. These students help with photography, designing pages, choosing a theme, and more. Students even have been selected for leadership positions like Editor in Chief, Photography Director, and Business Manager. The yearbook is published every year through the TreeRing yearbook company. Any questions or comments about the yearbook may be directed to Mrs. Runtz at

Math Counts


    Math Counts is a national middle school mathematics competition that builds problem-solving skills. The team meets every Friday during the normal club time and is coached by Mr. Cacaci.

    The top ten students who score the highest at the School Competition in January move on to the District (Chapter) Competition on February 8 at Greensboro Day School. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Cacaci at

Chess Club

  • Chess club is sponsored by Mr. Cacaci and is for any student that enjoys chess. All levels are welcome, beginner to expert. The club meets every Monday after school from 3:45 – 4:45pm

    The club will compete in the District Chess Tournament in April. Date and Location TBA. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Cacaci at

The Quill

  • The Quill is a writing competition developed in cooperation with the North Carolina Reading Association and is aligned with Common Core standards. In the Quill, students are given 90 minutes to respond in writing to a written prompt in argumentation, problem/solving, and narrative. In 2019, our team went on to compete at the state competition and were ranked number 7. If you have any questions about the Quill please contact Mrs. Rogers at

Spelling Bee

  • There are two rounds of spelling bees at Brown Summit and the winner will advance to the District competition. Round one is open to all students and is a written test. The top three students from each grade will make it to round two which will be a traditional verbal spelling bee. The winner of round two will go on to represent our school in the District Spelling Bee. Last year, one of our 8th graders came in first place. If you have any questions about the spelling bee please contact Mrs. McCarthy at

    spelling bee

The Twelve

  • Twelve is a knowledge-based academic competition that challenges teams of students to answer questions covering a variety of subject areas. The competition is based primarily on the core curriculum. Twelve teams of twelve students each will tackle twelve topics with twelve questions each. Each Twelve team is comprised of a group of students from a single school. Each school may send one team to the competition. Twelve students from each team will compete in twelve of the following topics:

    • Physical Science - mostly advanced MS physical science questions with a few high school level questions added
    • Life Science - mostly advanced MS life science questions with a few high school level questions added
    • Mathematics - Math 7+, Common Core 1, Word Problems, plus a few more advanced questions
    • Writing - Grammar plus literary terms and devices
    • Literature - Popular young adult fiction
    • US History - includes historic documents and speeches
    • World History
    • Technology - PC's, internet, handheld devices, social media, etc.
    • Physical Education / Sports - Includes health and sports rules but does not include sports teams and personalities
    • Arts and Media - Popular culture including music, moves, television, etc.

    And Two Topics from the following topics:

    • NC Geography
    • NC Native Americans
    • NC State Government
    • NC State Symbols
    • NC History
    • NC Sports
    • NC Current Events
    • NC Colleges and Universities


    Please contact Beth Perdue at if you have any questions.

Student Council

  • The Student Council is a student-led group that is sponsored by Mrs. Sloan and Mrs. Hamm. Students choose to run for a particular office and prepare a speech to present to the school during a school-wide assembly. Students then vote for their candidate of choice online. Those that are elected will meet regularly throughout the school year to discuss student issues and to plan events such as: school dances, donations, spirit week, intramurals, etc.