picture of engineering
  • How did it all start? 
    2008-09 - Magnet theme Change

    GCS began discussions around changing the focus Bluford’s magnet theme (Magnet Study completed in 2006-07)

    2009-2010 - Communications Magnet
    Staff and community involved

    2010-11- 1st year as a STEM magnet program
    Intro to STEM - lab sign up
    Technology was part of the special rotation
    Thematic units as part of the STEM transition

                               2011-12 - First full year as A K-5 STEM Academy
    Funding provided to front load the transition
    1st year Science Specialist hired- every kid had science once a week

    2012-13- New-Principal, CF, Curriculum, Essentials, & EOG’s
    1st year Science Specialist - every kid had science
    $190,000 dollars to re-envision - major purchases
    marketing of program
    Ultimately STEM an area of focus in GCS Strategic plan