• Can I pay online for meals, school fees, athletic fees, etc.?

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    YES!  Open this page https://www.k12paymentcenter.com/ or click HERE to pay online.  

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  • How can I find this month's menus for lunch and/or breakfast?

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    There is a menu icon on the home page or click HERE.

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  • How can I volunteer?

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    There are several volunteer opportunities available at SWE.  Please do not let fear or inexperience or schedule keep you from being a part of your child’s school experience! There are many experienced volunteers and our SWE staff who are willing to assist you in learning and many different opportunities available for all kinds of schedules and families. Together we can enhance the great education our children receive from the many wonderful teachers and opportunities at Southwest! 

    As part of the Guilford county school system, if you would like to volunteer at the school in any capacity, please take a few minutes to go to www.gcsvolunteers.com and register or reactivate the GCS Volunteer form.  This is a safety measure to make sure our students and staff remain safe at all times.  It is required to be in the class rooms, on field trips and any activities with our students. It is done through the school system and will have various options like the ones you will see on the included Volunteer Opportunity form with additional options that are not specifically done at all schools - feel free to flag classroom and keep moving.

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  • How do I access the GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT'S Page?

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    CLICK HERE to go to SWE Guidance Counselor's Page.

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  • How do I enroll my child at SWE?

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    Please click HERE.

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  • How do I get to the PTA website?

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    Please click HERE.

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  • What are the student's dress guidelines?

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    The Guilford County Board of Education respects the student's right to choose his or her style of dress or appearance. At Southwest Elementary School, we realize that each student is an individual who makes choices about his or her appearance. Southwest Elementary School's mission statement says that our goal is to provide a safe, child-centered learning environment, which encourages the development of positive self-esteem for every student. In keeping with our mission statement, we ask that students come to school dressed in an appropriate manner. The classroom teacher will contact the parent if there is a concern regarding appropriate dress.

    Below are some guidelines to consider when making choices for your child's wardrobe:

    Clothing that advertises items illegal for minors to purchase or possess will not be permitted.


    • Obscene language or gestures will not be permitted on any type of clothing.

      No high heels should be worn. Sandals without back straps and/or flip-flops are discouraged because they can cause playground safety issues. Comfortable shoes that can be secured on the feet arre most appropriate for elementary school children. Athletic shoes should be worn during PE times (students with inappropriate footwear may be given alternate activities during PE or organized recess if safety is an issue).


    • Hats, caps, sun visors and bandannas may not be worn in the building.

      Halter tops, midriff shirts and blouses, strapless and/or backless tops and shirts with spaghetti straps are discouraged. Tank shirts may be worn if they provide adequate coverage.


    • Neatness and cleanliness are expected at all times.

      Pants, shorts and skirts should be worn at the waistline, allowing no underwear to show. Tops and bottoms should meet. Shorts and skirts should be of an appropriate length.


    • Parents and visitors are asked to respect these guidelines while at school.

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  • What are the vaccination requirements for a GCS student?

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    Please click HERE for more information.  

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  • What is Curriculum Night?

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    Curriculum night is an educational open house by grade, that takes place at the beginning of the school year for parents to receive critical information that will benefit your child’s learning throughout the year.


    At curriculum night, you can expect:

    • teacher presentations on curriculum
    • teachers providing an outline for routines and expectations—a great help in getting students prepared for a successful school year
    • other resources you as a family has access to support your student


    Why should I go to curriculum night?

    1. Connect with parents and participate in Q&As.

    Use the occasion to meet the parents of your child’s peers and participate in a group question and answer time. Sometimes you learn the most from the questions asked by others.


    1. See firsthand what students will be learning.

    Get the overview of the timetable, routine and curriculum breakdown of what will be covered this year. This will also include field trips, and other topics students will look forward to.


    1. Understand homework expectations and evaluation practices.

    Learn about homework and expectations, as well as what students need to bring to school to be successful.


    1. Get familiar with your child’s learning environment.

    Opportunities to get into the school allow you to see where your student spends a large portion of their day.


    1. Learn about the teacher’s communication strategy.

    Teachers will explain how they plan to interact with students and parents throughout the year, whether by emails, agendas, or other digital sources.


    1. Be informed on school policies and rules.

    Use this time to get information on school safety routines, as well as pick-up and drop off expectations.


    1. Find out how to get involved and volunteer.

    If you’re interested in volunteering, use this evening as a chance to learn how to become involved in your child’s school.


    1. Send your child a message that you care.

    This may be the most important reason to attend: You’ll show your child that you are interested in their experiences as a student and in what they are learning.

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  • What is PowerSchool and how do I access it?

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    PowerSchool Parent Portal is an online resource that gives you as parents, access to your child’s grades and attendance. PowerSchool is a resource that will stay with your child until they graduate high school. Attendance is conducted daily using PowerSchool. Grades are updated regularly. Please take the time to get registered on PowerSchool.

    PowerSchool can be downloaded as an app or you can use the link below. You will need to get some information first. Please contact Kathy Acuff at:
    acuffk@gcsnc.com . Let her know that you are wanting to get connected on PowerSchool. She will give you an access code that is specific for your child. Use that code when creating an account with PowerSchool. Mrs. Acuff will also give you your child’s student ID number, which you will also need to register in PowerSchool.


    To access PowerSchool go to https://gcsnc.powerschool.com/public/home.html or click HERE.

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  • What is STEM?

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    STEM education is the intentional integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and their associated practices to create a student-centered learning environment in which students investigate and engineer solutions to problems, and construct evidence-based explanations of real-world phenomena with a focus on a student’s social, emotional, physical, and academic needs through shared contributions of schools, families, and community partners. - Florida Department of Education

    Science – Technology – Engineering – Math

    • Science Exploration, analysis and investigation type activities
    • Technology Computer activities but also invention and innovation related studies.
    • Engineering Planning and designing with minimal adult direction (The Maker Space Movement is a good example of this).
    • Math relationships between figures and forms, and relations between quantities expressed symbolically


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  • What is the GCS Inclement Weather Plan?

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    Please click HERE for more information.

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  • What should my child know, or how should I prepare my child for Kindergarten?

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    Reading and Oral Language.

    1. Speak in five to six word sentences
    2. Retell familiar stories
    3. Discuss "who, what, when, where and why" questions about familiar stories
    4. Sing songs
    5. Recite nursery rhymes or other familiar poems
    6. Read own name
    7. Recognize familiar environmental print (e.g. traffic signs, store logos, food labels)
    8. Recite the letters of the alphabet (sing the "Alphabet Song")
    9. Recognize and name the letters of the alphabet
    10. Know that books are read from front to back
    11. Know that print moves from left to right and top to bottom on a page


    1. Recognize and name eight basic colors
    2. Recognize and name four basic shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle)
    3. Rote count from 1 to 10
    4. Recognize and name numbers from 1 to 10
    5. Count groups of items up to 5


    1. Know how to hold and use a pencil, crayon, pen or marker
    2. Pretend to write and read own writing in a left to right direction
    3. Write own first name
    4. Draw simple, recognizable people and pictures
    5. Know how to use scissors, paste and glue

    Personal Care and Safety

    1. Toilet-trained
    2. Fasten and unfasten own clothing without assistance (e.g. zippers, shoes, jackets, etc.)
    3. Cover mouth when sneezing or coughing
    4. Know home address and phone number
    5. Know how to contact available, safe adults in case of emergency
    6. Know full name and workplace of parents/guardians

    Social Skills

    1. Beginning to engage in cooperative play with children in own age group.
    2. Beginning to learn the concept of sharing
    3. Follow rules and directions given by a caring adult
    4. Use polite language when talking with adults and peers
    5. Keep track of personal belongings

    We are looking forward to meeting you and your child!

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