Students in Science Lab
  • Understanding STEM Education


    • STEM has positive impact on African American student achievement
    • Increase student, parent and most importantly teacher/staff awareness of and purpose STEM education- NCDPI resources /GCS Strategic Plan
    • Toured successful STEM program in Charlotte
    • Administrator with science & math background hired in 2012 who currently serves on GCS-STEM strategic team and GCS- AG Advisory committee
    • NCDPI resources utilized - Surveys
    • Local resources- colleges
    • STEMology Night created- Principal



    Use 2012-13

    • Increase use of the Epson
    • Utilizing technology more to decrease the use of worksheets
    • Using technology for assessments
    • Purchased additional technology
    • Morning broadcast show
    • Sharepoint
    • Web pages
    • Class dojo program used to reinforce positive behavior by using ClassDojo school-wide as part of our PBIS program. Class Dojo has (1)helped us with the decrease of paper used for the recognition of our students , (2)helps with school plan with the integration of technology (3) help improve the communication between teachers and parents (4) help with the decreasing the number of  students in OS


    Instructional - Technology Use vs Integration

    Teachers use a variety of technology including virtual and online resources to meet student needs.

    • Integration 2013 - present day
    • All of the above continued from the integration perspective
    • 2:1 model and teachers also utilize Airwatch and Mobi's to facilitate instruction.  
    • NearPod, Edmodo, Reading A-Z, Sumdog, LearnZillion, Spelling City, Reflex Math, Gynzy, Gizmo (Explorelearning), Discovery Education,  National Geographic, etc. to enhance the instructional and student learning experiences.  
    • Newly-  use of Achieve3000, Front Row, and Readtheory
    • Class dojo - continue to use school-wide to address PBIS as well as another to communicate with parents via messaging and most recently using class story.  


    Instructional - STEM, Common Core, and Essential Standards

    • The transition to the common core was in line with the instructional rigor needed for students to be successful beyond K-5 in the STEM fields.
    • Purpose is not only to increase the number of STEM related professionals; but to provide students with STEM backgrounded needed to increase their ability to demonstrate mastery of higher level science and math content at the secondary level.
    • Informational text and STEM

    Instructional - Magnet Positions


    • Full time technology specialist and magnet coordinator who not only teaches grades K-5 but provides the school with technology support.  


    • Full time technology specialist addresses the E in STEM through our Engineering/Tech lab.  We have integrated the use of We Do Robotics and the introduced students to the five E’s of engineering.   


    • In the engineering/tech lab our LEGO team create products using We DO Robotics as well as the NXT/EB3 programming to solve real world issues.  


    • Full time science specialist who not only teaches grades K-5 science but provides the teachers with science support.


    • All students (K-5) who attend Bluford STEM Academy interact and participate in both courses (science lab and engineering/tech lab) weekly.
    • The Science Specialist  implements  the Engineering is Elementary curriculum. As students learn science content, they must use the engineering design process to design projects that solve problems.
    • Teachers use a variety of technology including virtual and online resources to meet student needs.