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Facilities Master Plan

  • Guilford County Schools unveiled a comprehensive, $2 billion facilities master plan on Nov. 26, 2019 that calls for safety and technology upgrades to all district schools, rebuilding 22 schools on existing sites and fully renovating 19 schools.

    The plan also calls for constructing seven new schools and creating additions at three existing schools to alleviate overcrowding and accommodate student enrollment growth. The plan recommends moving some programs to new, rebuilt or fully renovated schools, and closing 13 school buildings and 11 administrative facilities. Major repairs are prioritized for 56 schools.

    “This plan doesn’t recommend patching aging facilities that have been deteriorating for decades,” said Sharon L. Contreras. “This plan would transform our facilities not only for our current students, but for future generations.”

    The new plan recommends expanding choice programs and schools, particularly in Greensboro and High Point where student demand for more options has been the greatest. Major renovations are included to better accommodate Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming at district high schools.  

    The plan also would eliminate all mobile classrooms, some of which date to the 1970s. The district currently has more than 500 mobile or temporary classrooms in use. The district’s oldest building is Swann Middle, which opened in 1922. GCS’ newest facility is Western Guilford Middle, which was built in 2018.

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The Facilities Master Plan focuses on six outcomes:

  • Full renovation and rebuilding of facilities in the worst condition

    • Schools in the worst condition

    • Schools in need of modern design

    • Consolidate, rebuild central support buildings

    New construction for residential growth and economic development

    • Address residential growth in the Northwest, Northern and Southwest areas

    • Construction of a new transportation/maintenance hub

    • Aligning CTE programs to job growth in the Triad/NC area

    Invest in technology

    • Wireless classrooms

    • Sufficient bandwidth for every site

    • 2:1 digital devices

    • Network security and redundancy

    Invest in safe schools

    • Reduce infrastructure and site vulnerability

    Focus on innovative choices

    • Concentrate choice programs where parent demand is greatest, primarily in the cities of High Point and Greensboro

    • Focus choice programs aligned to job growth and high student demand

    Educational adequacy enhancements to improve the teaching and learning environment at all schools

    • HS CTE modernizations

    • Athletic upgrades


GCS Master Plan Facts

  • The plan recommends:

    • Improving learning environments district-wide;
    • Upgrading safety and security at 100% schools;
    • Upgrading technology at 100% schools;
    • Fully renovating 19 schools;
    • Rebuilding 22 schools on existing sites;
    • Prioritizing major repairs at 56 schools;
    • Constructing 7 new schools on new sites;
    • Constructing new additions at 3 schools to alleviate overcrowding and manage future student enrollment growth;
    • Eliminating mobile classrooms district-wide; and,
    • Closing 13 school buildings and 11 administrative buildings


Facilities Master Plan

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