• Students lead, learn, and enjoy a variety of table-top, pen-and-paper role playing games, as well as board games and cooperative and competitive video gaming. Gaming is not just a passion, but a lifestyle! Gaming at every level, more especially for table-top RPG’s teaches students critical skills such as strategy, teamwork, camaraderie, and creative problem-solving. Students will be challenged with tales of heroism and moral ambiguity and learn first-hand the value of friendship, teamwork, and character development through interactive storytelling! 

    The club can run games of Dungeons & Dragons, editions 3-5, Warhammer 40K Dark Heresy, Pathfinder 2.0, Mutants and Masterminds, The Lord of the Rings 5e, Star Wars d20, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, World of Warcraft d20, and more! Board games can be acquired upon request. All games and gaming sessions will comply with Ragsdale High School and Guilford County Schools behavioral standards.

  • Advisor:

         T. Ogle 


    Meets Wednesdays after school in room A110