Behavior Stoplight

Class Behavior Plan


    Classroom Behavior Plan

    In our class, we have a stoplight chart "Ready to learn" (green-happy face). On the chart, within the pockets, there are "number people". These number of people match each number that the student has. When rules are broken, after reminders, redirections, and a warning, the "number person" is moved. First, it gets moved to "think about it"(yellow- straight face) and then "parent contact" (red-sad face) . A behavior chart is in every child's take-home folder and will indicate how well your child has followed the rules of the classroom and school. Students are able to move their number people back to "Ready to learn" (green-happy face) with appropriate behavior. 


    In our classroom, we use a positive behavior system. We focus on the positive choices that children make. Each student has a penny box. Students are able to earn pennies (100 is the goal for the week (20/ a day) for good choices, following the classroom rules, using manners, following the school rules, and many other positive choices. They are then able to go shopping on Friday at the "store behind the door. At the store behind the door, they can buy items with the pennies that they have earned. 


    We also have a whole class behavior reward system. This is a marble jar. We "our class" can earn marbles by getting compliments from other teachers, administrators, and other staff by being on task in the classroom, exhibiting good hallway behavior, and making good choices. When our marble jar is full, we will have an ice cream party!