Out of District Event Requests for CEUs

  • CEU credit will be awarded for qualifying events by submitting an Out of District Event Request and providing proof of attendance/completion.  Note the following important points regarding renewal credits:

    • As of June 11, 2020, CEU credit cannot be awarded for any course less than 3 hours of instruction. CEUs are granted for no more than 6 hours of staff development per day.
    • Out of district events that occurred before June 11, 2020, must meet the previous requirement of 5 hrs of instruction.
    • For non-GCS events, individuals must submit an Out of District Event Request.
    • Requests for CEUs must be submitted in the year that the event was attended.  Professional Learning and the licensure process is tied to the renewal cycle.  The year of attendance and posting of credit must align. 
    • CEUs are granted for no more than 10 hours of staff development per day during a virtual conference;

    To submit an Out of District Event request:

    Conferences, college classes, on-line courses, and Teacher Academy courses are examples of classes that you would submit for approval.

    After you have completed your non-GCS event class, create an Out of District Event Request in Performance Matters by:

    • Logging into the Performance Matters-Professional Learning platform
    • Select the Out of District Event Request tab
    • Complete all of the required information
    • Select the type of CEU designation you want to be awarded (literacy, academic, digital learning, general)
    • Upload your documentation to the platform and submit your request
      • Name of event and the participant name must be legible on documentation
      • Number of contact hours should be legible on documentation

     Check your transcript periodically! Your official transcript can be accessed at myceu.gcsnc.com.


    Video Tutorial to create an Out of District Event Request


    Persons with questions concerning licensure renewal should contact the Staffing Department at 378-8806. Persons with questions concerning the renewal credit approval process should contact the Office of Professional Learning at 665-8003. You may also review the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) website for the most up-to-date information on CEU requirements and licensure renewal.