• How we serve K-12 students:

    Think back to your school experience. Was there one person who made all the difference for you? CIS is that one person for the kids we serve.

    We deliver programs directly into schools located primarily in communities where resources are limited and student barriers to success are significant. We serve students in schools with the evidence-based CIS Model of integrated student supports, ensuring that each student has the resources and relationships they need to achieve his/her potential.

    Our trained and experienced student support specialists become an integral part of students’ lives and the school community. These caring adults provide multi-tiered supports to schools, student groups and individuals, allowing teachers to teach and administrators to lead. Through our programs and services, students who need us most get one-on-one attention to ensure they stay in school and graduate with the life skills they need to thrive and contribute to our communities.

    Communities In Schools believes the formula for student success is ABC+P: attendance, behavior, coursework and parent/family engagement. We work directly inside nearly 300 public schools across the state, creating tailor-made plans for those students with the greatest risk of dropping out. We empower 1.5 million students nationally to stay in school and on the path to graduation each year.