• A multi-tier system of supports (MTSS) is a phrase you may hear about at school or from other parents. You may hear it called the MTSS framework, the MTSS process or the MTSS model.

    No matter what it’s called, MTSS has a very important goal. It’s designed to help schools identify the needs of all students early and to provide targeted instruction.

    MTSS is a framework Guilford County is implementing to provide targeted support for all students. It focuses on the “whole child.” MTSS supports academic growth and achievement, as well as behavior, social and emotional needs, and absenteeism.

    MTSS provides a framework for students to receive multiple levels/tiers of support. These tiers of support increase in intensity from one level to the next. For example, some kids receiving small-group interventions might also receive one-on-one instruction. The MTSS model can help students receive targeted instruction sooner.

    MTSS isn’t a “curriculum.” It’s a proactive approach that has several foundations:

    • Universal screening for all students
    • Increasing levels of targeted support
    • Integrated plans that address students’ academic, behavioral, social and emotional needs
    • The use of evidence-based strategies
    • A school-wide approach to student support. Teachers, administrators, counselors, psychologists and others use a team approach when they assess students and plan interventions.
    • Family involvement so parents can understand the interventions and provide support at home
    • Frequent monitoring of students’ progress so educators can use this data based decisions

    Core: School-Wide and the Whole Class. All students are taught with practices that research has shown to be effective for both behavior and academics. Procedures are put in place to support encouraging learning environments.

    Supplemental: Small Group Interventions. All students receive more targeted support in small groups based on their academic and/or behavioral needs. Students receive Intervention, Remediation, Maintenance, and/or Enrichment depending on the students needs.

    Intensive: Individualized Support. A few students who move up to this most intensive level, and support continues for students that have advanced enrichment or intervention needs.