Welcome to Drama with Ms. Mishra! 

  • Ms. Mishra holds a BFA in Theatre Education from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and is excited to join the faculty of Parkview Village Elementary this year! Well versed in theatre arts, Ms. Mishra has worked both on and behind the stage, serving as a director, stage manager, scenic designer, sound designer, and actor! In the past, Ms. Mishra has participated in training with Available Light Theatre Company (Columbus, OH), and has worked with Shadowbox Live! (Columbus, OH), Binary Theatre Company (Tempe, AZ), ACT! for Youth (Wilson, NC), City Arts (Greensboro, NC), Comunity Theatre of Greensboro, and UNCG's School of Theatre.  

Ms. Mishra
  • In Drama class this year students will learn to tell stories, take on the roles of characters, learn how to design the setting for performances, build puppets, study theatre history, and much more. Through Drama, students will be able to explore the different components of theatre while building their confidence and capability through independent assignments and team work!