• FAQ for Enrolling in a Guilford County Schools

    We are a new family to Guilford County how do I enroll my child/children in Guilford County Schools?
    Families new to Guilford County Schools should complete the enrollment process in the Online Student Registration System by clicking here: New Student Registration. Families will need to create an Account first using your email or mobile phone number.


    My child/children currently attend a Guilford County School, and we are moving. How do I enroll my child/children in our new school?
    Current Guilford County School students who move during the summer or during the school year will need to complete the Address Change form through the Online Student Registration System. First, families will need to create an Account using your email or mobile phone number.


    What information will I need to have available when I am completing the enrollment application online?
    - Mobile/cell phone number and/or email address
    - Home address
    - PowerSchool Student ID number if student is currently enrolled in a charter school or a NC Public School in another county
    - Current school name, city and state
    - Students not currently enrolled in GCS will be asked to provide additional documentation.Student’s certified birth certificate
    - Student’s immunization records
    - Proof of Residence (all Students)
    - High School Transcript (high school students)


    Which school will my child attend?
    Find out which school your child is assigned to, based on your address, by accessing the School Assignment Locator, calling the Student Assignment Office at 336-370-8303, or contacting a nearby school.

    What happens after I complete the Online Student Registration process?
    Once you have completed the enrollment packet in the Online Student Registration System, the school will contact you to schedule an in person appointment during this communication, you will be advised what to bring with you to the appointment. Families that are new to Guilford County Schools will need to provide certified birth certificate, immunizations record, proof or residence and identification card.

    What is the Online Student Registration System?
    The Online Student Registration System is an online application which allows families new to Guilford County Schools to register their child/children online. The system is also used to update  student data for current Guilford County School students, to request a reassignment and apply for a Magnet/HS Options School and to transfer between Guilford County Schools if you have a change of address.

    What is needed to create an Online Student Registration System account?
    To create an account families must have a mobile phone number or email address to create the account. These are require in order for us to communicate with you via text message or email.

    How long before my child can be enrolled in school?                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I need them to start today but this enrollment process may take a long time. Once the application is completed, families are contacted within a 24 hour time frame. If all documentation is available students can be enrolled within 48 hours.